You appreciate the exquisite Persian carpets. You may often see the carpet patterns such as "Medal", "Tree of Life", "Garden", and "Flower Bottle". Today we will give you a detailed science popularization of one of the most representative designs in the Turkish carpet pattern: "All Over Design Rugs".

"All Over Design Rugs", another name is "full-pavement carpet". It usually refers to those Persian carpets with a whole-body design. Mainly Flower elements cover the main area of the carpet. Then it is called "All Over Floral Design Rugs", that is, we often call "full flower pattern carpet".

In order to understand this carpet design better, we can compare it with the Persian carpet medal design:

The Persian carpet medal design generally has a central pattern. Other elements on the carpet surface radiated from the central pattern to the border and diverged or wrapped around the central pattern. The "All Over Design Rugs" today is a relatively simple pattern. Usually consisting of only a set of borders and a main area.

In terms of layout, the Persian carpet medal carpet is usually composed of a series of borders and several regions such as central medals and horn. Some even include a set of concentric circular designs. In short, all elements are the purpose of supporting the center focus pattern. The carpet was designed by "All Over Design Rugs". You can see it as a huge fabric. But a carpet layout that is cut into part of the duplicate pattern from the middle and placed in the border.

Historically, "All Over Design Rugs" is designed earlier than the medal design. This kind of carpet design can be traced back to the oldest carpet in the early days. And the medal carpets did not begin to appear until the 16th century.

The easiest "All Over Design Rugs" design with some repeated geometric patterns. These repeated patterns can appear alone or multiple.

Most of the carpet patterns designed by "All Over Design Rugs" are very winding and winding, without obvious boundaries. Such as Hulati, Samhabas pattern, Pezley, rose knots, etc. As well as plant elements such as cypress trees, cash, lotus, and other plant elements.

Generally speaking, a Persian carpet designed by "All Over Design Rugs" will not appear too many. There may be only one or two elements on the carpet surface. This feature makes "All Over Design Rugs” the characteristics of the rugs more significant.

It is a criterion for judging whether it is the design of the "All Over Design Rugs" design to check whether the carpet pattern is symmetrical. Most of the carpets designed by the whole body have horizontal or vertical symmetry. Although they do not have a central medal, they occasionally design a single pattern in the middle of the carpet.

Having symmetry is an effective way to control the focus of design. a center design in the middle of the carpet will attract people's eyes to the center of the carpet. The carpet that lacks the central pattern will transfer attention from the center to the edge of the carpet. Therefore, some designers will create spatial lines and guidance by placing carpets with different designs.

In terms of matching, All Over Design Rugs with precision details, especially the Persian carpet full of flowers with flowers as the main element. Exquisite and beautiful, suitable for any home improvement style.

As one of the simplest and most common designs in the Persian carpet. You can find the trail of "All Over Design Rugs" in almost all cultures around the world. Yilong has a large number of "All Over Design Rugs" designed with handmade silk carpets and wool carpets. And you will find the one you like.