The savonnerie carpet originated in France in the 16th century. Its romantic and classical design style and elegant and luxurious decorative effects made the savonnerie carpet popular among French aristocrats. It quickly spread throughout Europe and became a symbol of the status of famous aristocrats.

Speaking of the birth of the savonnerie carpet, it has some origins in Persian carpets. It is said that at the end of the 16th century, France imported too many Persian carpets and luxury goods from the East, causing a serious deficit in the national treasury. King Henry IV decided to build a factory specifically for the production of Oriental carpets. The name of the factory was "Savonnerie Carpet" ".

Although the original intention of opening the factory was to imitate Persian carpets, in actual production, the factory gradually explored and designed a unique French-style carpet, which is characterized by the use of dense clusters of flowers, leaves, and vines as pattern design elements, with multiple backgrounds. Choose black, brown, and dark blue, while medals and borders mostly choose cream, and the colors tend to be brighter.

Since the carpet designers at the Savannah Rui factory at that time were highly accomplished in painting and good at using shades of tones to present the artistic effect of three-dimensional perspective, this technique was also used in carpet design. The romantic and classical design style and elegant and luxurious decorative effects made savonnerie carpet popular among the French aristocracy, and quickly spread throughout Europe, becoming a legendary existence in the carpet industry.

Although savonnerie carpets are very popular in the market, their output has been very limited over the years. This is because the production process of savonnerie carpets is relatively special. In the early dyeing process, hundreds of yarns with subtle color differences need to be dyed, and then several yarns of the same color with similar shades are combined on a spool. Using this mixed yarn to weave will make the carpet surface pattern appear The feeling of shadows and the depth of perspective will also be enhanced.

In addition, the production drawings of savonnerie carpets are also quite special. In the words of the industry, "The drawings are as big as the carpet is." When weavers weave, every knot and every line must be strictly followed in the manuscript. Weaving yarns of the indicated colors can achieve the final three-dimensional effect, making the carpet look like a richly colored oil painting from a distance. This technology of using three-dimensional graphics to weave carpets is still rare in the world and is difficult to copy. Therefore, the output of savonnerie carpet is not large, and the price naturally remains high.

The overall style of savonnerie carpets is gorgeous and beautiful, and they are mostly made of wool. They are very suitable for laying in bright and elegant European, French, American, and other home scenes, and can maximize the sense of luxury in the space.

Size: 9x12ft

Material: Silk

Size: 10x10ft

Material: Wool


Material: Wool


Material: Wool

Size: 8x10ft

Material: Silk