As the saying goes, winter without carpets is soulless! So as a qualified winter rug, what qualities should it have?

1. Environmental protection

Many people don't know that carpets are actually the hardest hit areas for glue and formaldehyde. Long-term use of carpets with excessive formaldehyde content, especially after heating and volatilization by floor heating, will cause serious pollution to indoor air. Therefore, when choosing a carpet, you can smell whether the carpet has obvious peculiar smell, and you must check whether there is an environmental protection certificate. Of course, if you have sufficient budget, buying hand-woven, glue-free and formaldehyde-free handmade carpets is naturally the best choice once and for all.

2. Check for fiber loss

The main reason why many people reject carpets is that they are afraid of carpet shedding and not being easy to clean. When you buy a carpet in a physical store, you can tug it with your hands to see if it is lint. If you are buying online, you can find out whether there is fiber loss through the details page, comments, and consulting customer service. But if you choose a handmade wool carpet, you can rest assured about this, because the pile of the handmade carpet is composed of hundreds of millions of nodes firmly tied to the warp thread, and it is difficult to pull it off as long as it is not deliberately damaged.

3. Look at the material

Silk: The texture of silk is fine and skin-friendly, with the advantages of moisture-proof, anti-static, insect-proof, sound insulation, pollution-free, hypoallergenic, etc., and the color is bright and dazzling, with a strong sense of luster, suitable for people who expect high-value carpets;

Wool: Wool is fluffy and soft, has good elasticity, thick fibers, good antistatic performance, is not easy to age and fade, has strong flame retardancy, and has good sound absorption ability, which can reduce various noises. Because the thermal conductivity of wool fiber is very low, the heat is not easy to dissipate, and it is more suitable for winter use.

Chemical fiber: also known as synthetic fiber carpet. Wear-resistant and elastic, anti-fouling, anti-moth, etc., and rich in color patterns, strong decoration. However, the resilience, heat retention, light fastness, and dyeability are worse than wool carpets, and the touch is also much worse than wool carpets. Moreover, man-made fibers are flammable, easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust.

In terms of price, silk > wool > chemical fiber. If you are looking for cost-effective and looking for a carpet that can accompany you for a long time, then wool carpet is the better choice.

4. Look at the density

Generally speaking, the higher the density of the carpet, the stronger the skin affinity, the more comfortable the foot feel, and the better its quality. Handmade carpets have always been known for their high density and high quality. A well-made handmade carpet needs a total of 12 processes to complete. Such a cumbersome process makes it take a few months to two or three years to make a carpet. A tight and delicate carpet surface can extend the life of the carpet to decades or even hundreds of years.

5. Look at the thickness

The weather is cold in winter. In order to better maintain the indoor temperature, it is generally recommended to use a carpet with a thickness of about 1cm. Less than this thickness will affect the comfort, more than this thickness is easy to trap evil people and practices. The thickness of the handmade wool rug is about 1cm, which can provide just the right foot feel and is easy to clean and take care of. It is very suitable for lazy people.

6. Choose size

Many people do not know how to determine the size of the required carpet. Here is a little knowledge: the size of the living room carpet can be determined according to the length of the main sofa at home. The ideal carpet size is about 60cm longer than the total length of the sofa. That is to say, after the carpet is laid, it is about 30 cm longer than both sides of the sofa, and the front legs of the sofa can just press on the carpet. This is a perfect carpet size.

If the length of the carpet is shorter than the total length of the sofa, the living room will appear too cramped and petty; if the size of the carpet is too large, it will appear that the whole room is not coordinated enough. You can measure it according to your actual situation before making a decision.

7. Choose pattern color

The pattern of the rug should match the overall decoration style of the home and be in harmony with the surrounding decoration. For example, if the home is in a modern light luxury style, then you can choose a handmade wool carpet with a modern pattern; if the home is in a classical style such as American or French, then you can choose a traditional Persian pattern. The color of the carpet is best to coordinate with the color of the surrounding furniture, so that the whole environment presents a harmonious beauty. You can also choose from the characteristics of different colors, such as red gives people a sense of grace and luxury, yellow gives people a sense of warmth and atmosphere, blue gives people a sense of elegance and freshness, etc.