From June 15th to 19th, 2023, the Qinghai Tibetan Carpet International Exhibition will be held in Xining, Qinghai. As a leader in the handmade carpet industry, Yilong Carpet is once again invited to settle in Hall B of the Qinghai International Exhibition Center and welcomes new and old customers to visit us.

Since the successful establishment of the China (Qinghai) Tibetan Carpet International Exhibition in 2004, Qinghai Tibetan Carpet Exhibition has been successfully held for 19 sessions, creating a "never-ending Tibetan Carpet Exhibition", which has been widely recognized and actively participated in the world's carpet industry.

Since Yilong Carpet was first invited to participate in the exhibition in 2016, they have actively participated in every exhibition in recent years, which has greatly promoted the international and domestic popularity of Chinese handmade silk carpets and promoted the development of the industry.

At the Qinghai Tibetan Carpet Exhibition in 2020, Yilong won the unanimous approval of the organizers for its two classic silk carpets, "Heart of the Ocean" and "Persian Glory", and won the Best Traditional Craft Award in one fell swoop. Two handmade carpet professional awards and the best cultural and creative weaving award.

As an old friend of the Tibetan carpet exhibition, Yilong will bring a large number of handmade silk carpets of various oversized specifications every time it participates in the exhibition. In the international market, these high-quality carpets from Yilong are priced as high as one million, including Persian, French, Turkish, Chinese, tribal, and other styles, and can be called a master in the field of handmade carpets.

At this exhibition, Yilong Carpet will compete with all kinds of handmade carpets from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Iran, and other countries, and will also present a feast of handmade carpets to the guests.

Do you want to know which high-quality carpets Yilong will present in this exhibition? The following is a spoiler for you with fresh and warm pictures~

These four tapestries all have 400 threads, with intricate weaving and delicate and vivid patterns. Among them, "Waterfall Viewing" is a classic theme in traditional Chinese landscape paintings. Its exquisite craftsmanship is rare in our existing handmade silk carpets and tapestries; As for the "nine" fish embroidered in the painting, the sound of "nine" is the same as "jiu", which indicates that fortune will last forever and the foundation will last forever; The peony in "Auspicious Peony" has been regarded as a symbol of wealth, auspiciousness, happiness and prosperity by Chinese people since the Tang Dynasty. This tapestry with peony patterns is rich and full in color, with elegant postures of flowers and birds, and lifelike patterns on the carpet surface; With the theme of "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter", different flowers and birds are placed on the carpet, depicting different beautiful scenery in different seasons of the year.

In traditional Chinese culture, horses, unicorns, and tigers are all auspicious animals. Among them, the horse is regarded as an auspicious animal for ennobling officials; the unicorn is a symbol of continuous descendants; These high-channel tapestries are themed with auspicious animal elements, which are very suitable for hanging at home.

"Baby Playing Picture" is a kind of traditional Chinese figure painting. This tapestry shows the innocence of children with a group of babies on the carpet, with rich pictures and interesting shapes; the tapestry "Silk Road" depicts the Han Dynasty In the Western Han Dynasty, when Zhang Qian was on an envoy to the Western Regions, there was an endless stream of merchants on the Silk Road, and the bustling trade scene; "A Dream of Red Mansions": This tapestry depicts the twelve beauties of Jinling in "A Dream of Red Mansions", one of the four famous Chinese novels; "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea" depicts The most famous is the story of the ancient Chinese myth "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea". The patterns of these tapestries are vivid, the characters are lifelike, and the whole picture is naturally formed. It can be called a handmade treasure that combines nature and artistry.

Pine and crane have commonly used words in China to express auspiciousness and longevity, and they are widely spread among the people. Pine trees are perennial evergreen trees, which are resistant to severe cold and never wither; cranes are rare birds in China, and their chirping sounds are high and loud. In the Taoist stories, there is an allusion to ascending the fairy and turning into a crane after becoming a feather, so the folks regard the pine and the crane as symbols of withstanding the hardships of wind and cold and longevity.

Shuanglong Xizhu, also known as two dragons holding beads, there are also sayings such as the theory of dragon balls in the jaws, groups of dragons playing with beads, and clouds and dragons holding longevity. Although the patterns of these two tapestries are slightly different, their common meaning is auspiciousness and peace, wishing for peace and longevity. The tapestry is based on red, with a golden dragon pattern, giving people a sense of majesty and dignity.

This tapestry depicts a scene from the famous Chinese painting "Along the River During the Qingming Festival". The craftsmanship is exquisite, the touch is delicate, and the patterns are lifelike.

The Great Wall is the most famous ancient military defense project in my country, with a total length of 6,700 kilometers. It is the crystallization of the blood, sweat, and wisdom of the Chinese working people. These two high-numbered tapestries feature a majestic view of the Great Wall. The towering city wall and majestic patterns give people a sense of majesty and awe-inspiring.

The Chinese style series is a new product launched by Yilong after the improvement and upgrading of previous works. The design inspiration comes from the famous "Chinese art carpet" produced in Tianjin, China in the 1920s and 1930s. Due to the combination of Eastern and Western aesthetics and the integration of avant-garde artistic style, a unique Chinese decorative art style carpet has been formed.

There are not many handmade silk rugs with French designs, and it is even rarer if the colors and patterns are very harmonious. The size of this royal blue French silk carpet is 274cm x 366cm. The surrounding decoration is the French royal court pattern. The pattern is rich in layers and the color is clear and atmospheric, which can make people feel the majesty of the court. This blue French silk carpet has a high rate of exposure in our home, and it has been tried and matched with many different villas and mansions. Because it is so popular, we have launched different colors one after another, all of which are equally amazing.

The traditional Persian pattern is a style that accounts for a large proportion of Yilong's off-the-shelf carpets. This type of design uses traditional Persian vines and flowers as the main expression elements and is characterized by complicated and dense patterns. It is indispensable for European-style and American-style mansions. A soft home decoration.

The above are some of the handmade silk carpets exhibited in Qinghai this time and more high-quality silk carpets. From June 15th to June 19th, Qinghai International Exhibition Center Hall B, we will see you there!