Recently, the temperature in the north has soared, and there is a feeling of "summer entering overnight". Many friends who have carpets have also rolled up the heavy carpets and put them in the storage room, waiting for the next winter to be used again. But did you know that carpet is not just a standard configuration for cold weather, as long as you choose the right carpet from the following aspects, it can also bring you a cool and comfortable experience in hot summer~

01  Thickness

When choosing a summer rug, the first thing to determine is the thickness of the rug. If the carpet is too thick, it will inevitably feel stuffy; if the carpet is too thin, the feeling of feet will be affected. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a carpet with a thickness of less than 1cm so that it will not feel too heavy and will not affect the feeling of use.

Even if the air conditioner is turned on in the room, such a moderately thick carpet can prevent the low temperature in the room from being lost through the ground, and it can also prevent the cold air from invading the body due to greed for coolness.

02 Material

There are many kinds of carpet materials, which are mainly divided into two categories: natural fibers and chemical synthetic fibers. Carpets made of natural materials are comfortable and skin-friendly, not subject to seasonal constraints, and superior to synthetic fiber materials. Among natural materials, silk carpets are more expensive, but they are also very suitable for summer.

There are many pores on the silk fiber, when the environment is humid, it will automatically absorb the moisture in the air; when the air is dry, it can disperse the absorbed moisture. The exterior is waterproof and the interior is moisture-absorbing, easily helping to balance the indoor temperature, very suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms in summer.

03 Air Permeability

Handmade silk rugs not only have a good heat dissipation performance but also have good insulation properties. Because the inner structure of the silk fiber is actually hollow, this pore structure can balance the heat distribution of the air, so that the room temperature can reach a balanced state.

The material of handmade silk carpet has a large porosity, which can not only absorb the dust floating in the air of the room but also has a good sound absorption function, which can keep the space quiet. Because silk has moisture absorption, moisture release performance and moisture resistance, air suction resistance, and porosity, the temperature can be adjusted, and harmful gases, dust, and microorganisms can also be sucked away.

04 Craft

Carpets on the market are generally divided into two types: handmade carpets and machine-woven carpets. The hand-woven carpet adopts the ancient hand-knotting process. It has gone through more than a dozen manual processes such as pattern design, spinning, color matching, hanging, weaving, weaving, fringing, velveteen, washing, and drying. It does not contain any glue. Formaldehyde has the reputation as a "breathing carpet". Even if it is used in hot weather, there is no need to worry about the special odor volatilizing when the temperature rises, which will cause safety concerns.

05 Color

Choose the right summer rug, not to mention the color. Although the color itself has no difference between cold and warm, it can visually trigger people's psychological associations of warm and cold. For example, using handmade silk carpets in cool colors such as blue and green can make the interior look fresher and cooler. Of course, dark color is not an option, as long as it is harmonious and unified with the home environment, the overall feeling is comfortable and not messy, and it can also make you feel stable and have a visual effect of cooling down.

In addition, the texture of the handmade silk carpet is cool but not ice, and it can also absorb the sweat from people's skin. It feels very comfortable to the touch, especially suitable for summer use. The following are some high-end and cool handmade silk rugs recommended in this issue. Choose one for your home.

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