Recently some nice rugs arrived our warehouse.

These carpets are rich in patterns and colors and full of strong national characteristics. Common patterns include flowers, animals, geometric figures, etc. These patterns are not only beautiful and elegant but also imply good luck, happiness, and beauty. In terms of color, These carpets mainly use bright colors such as red, blue, green, and yellow. Through clever matching and transition, they create a harmonious and warm atmosphere.

The dome pattern originated from ancient architectural art and religious beliefs, and its origins can be traced back to human civilization thousands of years ago. The design inspiration for this pattern mainly comes from the dome structures in ancient buildings, especially magnificent religious buildings such as mosques, churches, and temples.

Over time, some patterns developed into a variety of styles and forms. From the original simple geometric shapes to the later complex patterns and color combinations, the dome pattern continues to evolve and innovate in carpet design.

It is also a dome pattern, but the color and design of this one are more eye-catching and have more visual impact. In handmade carpet culture, the dome symbolizes the sky, the universe, and the abode of God, representing holiness and eternity. Therefore, when this architectural style was introduced into carpet design, the dome pattern became a medium for conveying religious beliefs and cultural traditions.

In dome design, "arch" elements often appear. This is because, in architecture and art design, arches and domes often complement each other. The arch is not only a bridge connecting different spaces, but also an important structure that supports and sets off the dome. Carpet designers skillfully use these elements to create rich and varied visual effects through combinations of different sizes, shapes, and arrangements.

The pattern of this rug is unique, with a striking central oval in which birds are artfully drawn. Surrounding it are a series of smaller squares, each carefully painted with different patterns and decorations. The patterns include a variety of florals, geometric shapes, and some that may be symbolic, showing the variety and richness of rug design. Each small square is like a small work of art, exquisite and unique, making the pattern design of the entire carpet richer and more interesting.

The color matching of the entire carpet is also very good, with blue, red, yellow, and green as the main colors, supplemented by black lines to outline various patterns. The combination of these colors is bright and harmonious, making the carpet richer and fuller in color. At the same time, the use of black lines also makes the pattern clearer and more prominent, enhancing the visual effect of the carpet.

The design of this rug is colorful and covered with intricate floral patterns and geometric elements. These elements are mainly yellow, red, pink, and green, and the colors are bright and rich, giving people a sense of vitality. The design of these plant elements is both delicate and exquisite. Every flower and leaf seems to have been carefully carved, showing a very high level of craftsmanship.

Which of the above rugs do you like?