When a hand-knotted carpet has a lifespan of more than 100 years, it will be classified as an "antique carpet" and have the attributes of investment and appreciation. Such carpets have surpassed the simple practical value and artistic beauty and have become a cultural and historical heritage. In recent years, world-renowned auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's in the United States have frequently used antique carpets as important auction items, attracting the attention of collectors around the world. These carpets have repeatedly set high prices at auctions, Proving their extremely high artistic value reflecting their potential in the investment field.

For those who love carpet art, antique carpets are undoubtedly an irresistible temptation. They are not only good for home decoration, but also treasures for investment and collection. Today, this article will introduce to you several century-old antique carpets in our collection. These carpets not only have a long history and exquisite craftsmanship but also contain a deep cultural heritage and are very scarce in the market.

Handmade carpets use the traditional hand-knotting technique of warp and weft interweaving. The weavers tie the silk thread firmly to the buckle by hand. It is very strong and durable. As long as it is used normally and not intentionally damaged, it can be used for hundreds of years. This is why there are antique carpets in auction houses and collection circles.

This antique silk carpet is more than 100 years old. Although it has gone through a long time, it maintains a good condition. The color is bright and has an ancient charm.

This antique wool carpet is also more than 100 years old. Although it has been baptized for a hundred years, the touch of the carpet is still as new, soft, and elastic. When you touch it, you can feel its heavy sense of history.

The overall design of the carpet is also full of a classical atmosphere. Both the pattern and the color are top-grade. If it is matched with Chinese mahogany furniture, it must be even more amazing.

The preciousness of antique carpets has the value of appreciation and investment. This handmade silk carpet was woven a hundred years ago, but its color is still fresh and has not been worn or faded. This is due to the traditional knotting and weaving process used in handmade carpets, and the excellent performance of silk materials, which can keep the rug original after years.

This carpet is a witness to history. Today, with the continuous heating up of the antique carpet market, the value of this handmade silk carpet is also rising. It is not only a treasure coveted by collectors but also a potential stock in the eyes of investors. Owning such a carpet can add a unique charm to the home and provide a solid guarantee for future investment appreciation.

This Iranian imported antique carpet has a simple color, exquisite pattern design, and a higher density than ordinary carpets. Its weaving process is more exquisite, the quality is better, and it is naturally more durable. In the current collection market, such "hundred-year-old" antique carpets are rare, and the price is naturally rising.

Some friends may wonder why the colors of these antique carpets are slightly dim. This is because antique carpets are mostly dyed with traditional plant dyeing techniques, more natural and softer than ordinary carpets. Over time, these colors will become deeper and more charming.

In the investment world, antique carpets have always been regarded as a collection with appreciation potential. Over time, the value of these carpets tends to continue to rise, becoming "gold" in the eyes of investors. If you are interested in this type of carpet, please follow us.