Today we are packing 8,000 square feet of handmade silk carpets to Turkey. Although they are still some of the best-selling old patterns, this time we have made some improvements and upgrades in design.

For example, the center of the "Heart of the Ocean" pattern was originally a leaf pattern, which was modified into a round medallion this time, and the large edge was also adjusted. The improved design will be more in line with modern aesthetics; the "Love Bow Tie" originally only had two colors, gray and green, and this time a peacock blue color was added, which looks very fresh. It is predicted that this color combination will also be popular.

For many years, Turkey has been one of the main markets for handmade silk carpets. The batch of carpets shipped today was ordered by customers last year. After more than a year of production and weaving, they were finally delivered today.

Yiong Carpet Factory has been producing and customizing handmade silk carpets for customers from the United States and Turkey all year round, especially Turkish-style carpets like this, which are orders placed by customers. In addition to those shipped today, a considerable part is still in intensive production and weaving, waiting to be delivered to other customers.

For many friends who have been following us, a common question may be: "Why do you always ship these specific patterns?" This is not an unfounded question, because these patterns have indeed been extremely popular and sold in the US and Turkish markets in recent years, so they are often out of stock and have been in short supply for a long time.

The reason why they are so popular is that these patterns combine traditional and modern elements in design, which not only fits the modern aesthetic but also highlights the unique charm of handmade carpets. To meet the needs and expectations of the market, we continue to optimize the production and weaving process, and at the same time actively look for new design inspirations and elements, hoping to bring more novel and innovative product options.

Every year, from the end of Ramadan in Turkey (around April) to Christmas Eve, it is the peak tourist season in Turkey and the peak period for our shipments to the local area. Like today's large-scale packaging and shipment, I can't count how many times this year.

Although the packaging process is cumbersome, we have long been accustomed to it. From carefully trimming and ironing the carpet to every detail of careful packaging, everyone takes it seriously to ensure that the package is intact. Although the work is intensive, the packing process is full of joy.

The handmade silk carpets packed today will arrive in Turkey in the next week or so. If you are interested in carpets, please contact us. We have tens of thousands of handmade carpets in stock for you to choose from.