As soon as May entered, Yilong began intensive shipments again. Today we are going to pack a batch of handmade silk carpets and send them to the United States. They are basically some of our best-selling patterns, such as Heart of the Ocean, Bow Tie of Love, etc. As its name suggests, the "Heart of the Ocean" carpet is inspired by the deep and mysterious ocean. The blue and white color combination gives people a mysterious and luxurious visual enjoyment. The delicate texture and exquisite craftsmanship on the carpet can add a touch of freshness and tranquility to the home space; the "Love Bow Tie" carpet is deeply loved by people for its unique design and meaning.

Most of the patterns shipped this time are of Turkish style, characterized by novel and unique designs and bold and eye-catching colors, which always attract people at a glance. In the past, we sent more carpets of this style to Turkey, but in recent years, this style has gradually become popular in the United States.

The United States is a country made up of immigrants, where various cultures intertwine, collide, and merge, forming a uniquely American culture. This culturally inclusive feature is also reflected in home decoration. In the United States, you can see a variety of rugs, from traditional Persian rugs to modern abstract art rugs.

In recent years, Turkish-style rugs have gradually gained popularity among Americans. More and more American friends are beginning to like and appreciate this kind of exotic carpets and are willing to lay them at home to add a unique charm to the home space.

Americans have a long tradition of laying carpets. Since there are many single-family villas and houses with wooden structures in the area, and the sound insulation effect of wooden floors is relatively poor, laying carpets has become the most economical and affordable way to solve the sound insulation problem. Add to this the American enrichment of individuality and unique lifestyle. As a unique home decoration, handmade carpets can not only enhance the appearance of the home but also highlight the owner's aesthetic taste. They are also loved by local people.

In addition, Americans pursue a casual lifestyle. They do not stick to traditional furniture placement and matching habits and prefer to move and rest freely. The softness, comfort, and ease of care of handmade carpets have made them a favorite home decoration among Americans. Whether in the bedroom, living room, or study room, laying a handmade rug can provide a comfortable and warm resting space at home.

Although many friends think handmade silk carpets are expensive, this view also applies in the United States. In the United States, this type of carpet is also a leader in the luxury goods market. They not only represent high craftsmanship and quality but are also a symbol of status and taste. Therefore, a wholesaler who can purchase so many handmade silk carpets at one time is also quite powerful.

These handmade carpet wholesalers usually have rich industry experience and keen market insight, and are also well aware of the value and market potential of handmade silk carpets, so the carpets they select each time basically represent the current home fashion trends.

If you are still looking for high-end handmade carpets of international quality, please look for Yilong. We have been exporting to the global market for a long time. We have tens of thousands of handmade carpets in stock for selection, and provide free "door-to-door" service so that you can enjoy the world-famous handmade carpets without leaving home.