Recently, we have put into storage a new batch of handmade silk carpets that have just come off the loom. They are beautiful and exquisite. They not only have practical value but can also become the highlight of interior decoration, enhancing the taste and style of the entire space. I believe that this new batch of handmade silk carpets will be warmly welcomed by everyone. Whether as home decoration or as gifts, they are an excellent choice.

Dimensions: 122cm x 183cm

The classic four-season garden design, the vitality of spring, the enthusiasm of summer, the depth and richness of autumn, and the silvery covering of winter are all presented on this carpet. The beauty and changes of nature are skillfully integrated into every thread. It is not only a carpet, but also a flowing picture of the four seasons, allowing people to feel the rhythm and rhythm of nature while walking.

Dimensions: 122cm x 183cm

One of the hallmarks of Persian design is its very dense patterning, and the large floral pattern in the center of this rug is complex and delicate as if it were an abstract representation of flowers blooming in nature. The surrounding flowers and foliage together create a dreamy and romantic secret.

Dimensions: 183cm x 274cm

The large rectangular area in the center has a light beige background, on which complex dark patterns of the same color are carefully embroidered. Dark brown and olive green are used as secondary colors, making the entire pattern appear calm and full of vitality. The golden decorative pattern is the finishing touch, making the design of the frame unique and eye-catching, adding a bit of magnificence and nobility to the carpet.

Dimensions: 122cm x 183cm

With the deep blue as the keynote, it seems to blend into the vastness and depth of the sea and sky, making people fall into it at a glance. Various flowers, leaves, and other plant elements are scattered on the carpet. They are either in full bloom or in bud, or flowing or standing upright as if forming a microscopic garden world. At the same time, some geometric shapes are cleverly interspersed, adding a sense of hierarchy to the entire design.

Size: 183cm x274cm

The center area of the carpet is the highlight of the design. Several hexagonal patterns are arranged in an orderly manner. Each small pattern depicts a different scenery or character scene. Some seem to show the tranquility between mountains and rivers, while others seem to depict a noble hunting scene. These patterns are separated by thin lines, making the entire carpet visually harmonious and unified without losing the richness and variety of details.

Dimensions: 305cm x 427cm

This elegant color is very suitable for spring. The size of 305cm x 427cm is a large size among handmade carpets. The weaving time alone takes three weavers 12 months to complete. Whether it is laid in the living room, bedroom, or study room, it can bring a unique cultural atmosphere and artistic beauty to the space.

Dimensions: 274cm x 366cm

The more complex the pattern, the more demanding the weaver's skill and proficiency. The geometric figures on the edge of this carpet require precise calculations and clever weaving techniques to achieve perfect symmetry. At the same time, their color contrasts with the central pattern making the entire carpet more visually vivid and three-dimensional.

The above are the several new handmade silk carpets we have selected in this issue. There are more handmade silk carpets that have just come off the loom and are being put on the shelves. We cannot show them all in the article. If you like them, you can send us an inquiry. Yilong Carpet can customize an exclusive handmade carpet matching case for you. Welcome to your order.