Today we are going to pack a batch of handmade silk rugs and send them to Russia. Let's take a look at what patterns the customer has chosen!

This blue Sudan design is one of the patterns that almost every wholesale customer will order, because the design is beautiful and high-end, and it is very versatile. It can be matched with many houses in Europe and America. This pattern is also perennial. It's on our bestseller list.

In addition to the Sultan designs, the Russian client also selected several silk rugs with dome designs. We have introduced the dome design many times before. The characteristic of this type of pattern is that color waves emanate from the center of the carpet surface, which will produce a sense of rhythm like ripples, always giving people an infinitely extended sensory experience.

Ideal for large, open rooms, dome rugs create an eye-catching visual effect and are a favorite of many interior designers.

In addition, the customer also selected several pieces of 60cm x 90cm handmade silk rugs, one with the same pattern as the Sudan above, and one with the tree of life pattern. Many people like these small size silk rugs, they can be framed and hung on the wall as decoration.

Some friends may find that these two small-sized handmade silk rugs are wrapped in another slightly larger carpet when we pack them. It will prevent customers from accidentally unpacking the goods the carpet was cut badly, so when we pack multiple carpets, we usually wrap the smaller silk rugs in the larger silk carpets one by one, which is not only convenient for storage but also more tidy and beautiful.

The Russian customer who delivered this shipment is considered to be our colleague. The carpet shop he opened in the commercial district of central Moscow is said to have a history of 40 to 50 years. It was his father who had been managing the store before, but when his father got older, he inherited his father's business and continued to run the store. In fact, much of the handmade carpet industry has been handed down in the form of family inheritance. Because this industry is old and lonely, it seems that the entry threshold is very low, but in fact, it needs a lot of cultural accumulation, patience, and perseverance from practitioners. , few people can do it for decades.

Having said that, when we went to Russia to inspect the carpet market, we also visited his shop. It is densely packed with handmade carpets from all over the world, such as Afghan wool carpets, Tibetan Nepalese carpets, and Pakistani carpets. , Chinese silk carpets Indian wool carpets, etc., it can be said to be comparable to a small international carpet exhibition.

He has regularly ordered handmade silk rugs from us over the years, each shipment starting with dozens. In the past two years, due to the Russia-Ukraine war, many industries in Russia have been sanctioned by the West, and the domestic economy has not been as good as before. We were worried that this customer would reduce the order because of this, but unexpectedly, he received from us this year. The number of silk carpets ordered has risen instead of falling. Perhaps this is also a microcosm of Russia's overall economy at the moment. After all, it spans two continents, Europe and Asia, has a vast land and abundant resources, and is rich in energy and other mineral resources. Even under unprecedented multiple sanctions from the West, its domestic market demand is still huge.

The batch of handmade silk rugs that were packaged and delivered today will arrive in Moscow soon. Although we don’t know who will pick them up, we all wish him/her a happy use of the rugs in advance

Writer  Yilong Carpet

Editor  Alice

Photos  Yilong Carpet