Recently, the international authoritative color organization Pantone announced the popular color of 2023 - Viva Magenta Magenta! This color is between red and purple. It is not as bright as big red, and it is also not as dull as wine red, with a mysterious sense of luxury.

Today, the editor specially picked out a few handmade silk carpets of the same color. All of the carpets are so beautiful. If the carpets are at home during the Chinese New Year, the atmosphere will definitely be full in a second. Let’s start enjoying it~

NO. 1

Dimensions: 305cm x 427cm

This rug is a Persian Mashad design. The Mashhad region is located in eastern Iran, and the history of carpet design in this region starts from the end of the 19th century. These designs feature elongated medallions, often surrounded by pendants and floral elements.

This rug is magenta throughout, giving it a rustic and heavy feel. The main elements of the carpet surface are Persian flowers and Shahabas patterns, embellished with the famous "Paisley" pattern. The "Paisley" pattern is an ancient pattern created based on spruce and cashew nuts. It has a gorgeous and complicated appearance and is often used on handmade carpets and some luxury woven fabrics.

NO. 2

Dimensions: 244cm x 305cm

This is a particularly rare oval-shaped carpet, and the color is also very positive magenta. The central medal and the surrounding large edges are all light yellow, and the central area is covered with swirling Shahabas patterns. Although there are not many colors, they are simple and exquisite, fully interpreting the elegance and nobility of Persian city carpets.

If you have oval chandeliers, coffee tables, potted plants, and other decorations in your home, matching this handmade silk carpet of the same shape can definitely add a sense of elegance to the space.

NO. 3

Dimensions: 183cm x 274cm

This rug belongs to a well-regulated traditional Persian design, with a central medallion, corner wrapping around, and a large off-white border on the edge of the rug. If you are a person who is not very good at picking patterns, you can definitely choose this one, because this is the most classic and attractive style among all Persian patterns.

The unique luster of the handmade silk carpet endows the carpet with gorgeous colors. The ancient weaving technology the patterns that have been inherited for thousands of years, and the density of millions of needles outline the three-dimensional floral pattern, which makes this carpet have a dignified and stable bearing. In any style of home environment, it can create high-end and refined space aesthetics.

NO. 4

Dimensions: 244cm x 305cm

The pattern of this carpet is particularly dense, and the proportion of the flower patterns on the surface of the carpet is very small, giving people a sophisticated and complex visual experience. In the middle is a lotus-shaped medallion pattern, and a vase pattern is painted and woven on the upper and lower sides. The lotus represents immortality in Persian culture, and the vase symbolizes the prosperity of life.

This exotic rug is not only exquisite in pattern but also beautiful in meaning, full of the breath of spring, and very suitable for French, European, and other home styles.


Dimensions: 305cm x 427cm

Strictly speaking, the color of this carpet is red, but because of its high appearance, the editor also added it to today's series. The design of the carpet seems simple but not simple. Although only red, beige, and white are used in the color scheme, the layers are distinct and the proportions are precise, visually giving people a sense of grandeur and luxury.

The combination of high-saturation red and low-saturation beige can not only neutralize the richness of red but also reflect the elegance and laziness of beige. If your home decoration is in a gorgeous tone, then choosing this rug will definitely give you countless praises for your soft decoration.