Today, I would like to introduce to you several handmade silk tapestries with strong religious colors, each of which is purely hand-woven, with excellent craftsmanship and lifelike pattern details. Many people with religious beliefs often hang such a tapestry at home to show their piety. If you are also interested, please continue to read~

1. "Son of God"

Dimensions: 91cm x 163cm

This tapestry depicts 13 of the most important moments in Jesus' life. The main picture in the middle depicts the picture of Jesus being crucified on Good Friday. The 12 small patterns around it depict the birth of Jesus, blessing for children, meditating under the tree, Sermon on the Mount, preaching, praying for the sick, having the last supper with the twelve disciples, being judged by the Roman governor, being nailed to the Several important scenes of life that were unsealed by believers on the cross and after death.

The tapestry measures 91cm x 163cm and took 16 months to weave.

2. "Good Friday"

Dimensions: 91cm x 137cm

This tapestry is divided into upper and lower patterns. The vertical pattern above depicts the scene of Jesus being stripped and crucified on the cross on Good Friday. The letters "INRI" on the cross are "Jesus of Nazareth". , the King of the Jews." (King of the Jews, Jesus of Nazareth) acronym.

The banner pattern below depicts the scene where people believed that Jesus was really the Son of God after Jesus died, so they untied Jesus from the cross and placed him on a marble slab, and everyone anointed him with oil for burial.

The tapestry measures 91cm x 137cm and took 13 months to weave.

3. "The Last Supper"

Dimensions: 73cm x 91cm

The pattern of this handmade silk tapestry is based on one of the most important stories in the Bible. It depicts the scene where Jesus had his last meal with the twelve disciples in an upstairs building in Jerusalem on the night before he was crucified.

The weaving time of this tapestry is 9 months, and the pattern on the carpet surface truly depicts the scene in the story: Jesus was sad when he learned that he was betrayed by his disciples, while the 12 disciples were either shocked, angry, excited, or nervous, while Judas the Betrayer was full of fear and uneasiness.

Because of the large number of people in the pattern and the different facial expressions, it is a high test for the weaver's weaving level and comprehension ability. This tapestry took about 9 months to weave.

4. "The Last Supper"

Dimensions: 122cm x 183cm

"The Last Supper" is a widely circulated story in the Bible. It has been depicted by many religious painters, but among all the paintings of the same theme, Leonardo da Vinci's version of the same name is the most classic and famous.

This 183cm long and 122cm wide handmade silk tapestry is based on Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting "The Last Supper", vividly restoring the panic, anger, doubt, confession and other expressions of the characters in the painting, the eyes and gestures of each character The paintings and postures are all portrayed meticulously and vividly, with high artistic value. This tapestry took 18 months to weave.