Having been engaged in the handmade carpet industry for 35 years, the warehouse of Yilong Silk Carpet has collected layers of handmade carpets of various patterns, styles and sizes. Just take out any one and it can tell an interesting story. In today's article, we will continue to share with you a few "collector's edition" handmade carpets with unique designs and charm. Interested friends, please read on.

01. Millennium Dome

Dimensions: 91cm x 91cm

This is a high-density handmade silk tapestry with 450 threads. It took the most experienced weavers 24 months to knot 1.8 million times. Although the size of the tapestry is small, it really explains what precision and craftsmanship mean.

The central area of this tapestry is the dome pattern, which achieves a three-dimensional effect by imitating the visual effect of looking up at the domed ceiling of a mosque. The design of the dome pattern is inspired by the domes of Islamic mosques. Because the radiation pattern looks like leaves, some people call this type of carpet "leaf carpet".

02. Qiluo Vines

Dimensions: 76cm x 244cm

This is a handmade silk rug with traditional design, the whole body is wine red, the pattern is classic and elegant, and the color matching is simple and elegant. The special feature of this rug is that it combines tribal geometric patterns with Persian floral patterns common in urban rugs, so that this rug has both the retro of tribal rugs and the elegance of urban rugs.

Wine red is not only a common color in nature, but also symbolizes elegance and quality in modern culture. It is a color with a lot of positive energy. In addition, it is also one of the easiest colors to match. It is used in the corridors of interior spaces. It can create a simple and natural visual experience for the space here.

03. Persian cities

Dimensions: 76cm x 244cm

It is also a strip-shaped carpet made of silk. The surface of the carpet is made of navy blue, with retro red as the border. The pattern design is simple and fresh, and the color matching is relatively elegant. Featuring three bold florals, it is a classic urban rug type.

If your home is European, American or Italian style, this vibrant Persian floral pattern can make your home more retro and sophisticated.

04. Oriental ancient rhyme

Dimensions: 76cm x 244cm

The pattern layout of this corridor carpet is similar to that of the previous one. The base color is reddish brown. Because it is similar to the color of the land, it contains a calm, simple and peaceful temperament.

The carpet is decorated with palm leaves and tulips, which has an oriental flavor. Festive and generous colors can not only give people a warm and comfortable feeling, but also create a simple and elegant atmosphere for the space environment, which is very suitable for laying during the Chinese New Year.

I almost forgot to mention that the above handmade carpets are all orphan series, only this one, friends who like it are welcome to inquire~