Wool rugs are ideal for home décor because they are durable, comfortable to the foot and often better in quality and appearance than synthetic fibres, making them the choice of most people.

When people are going to buy a wool rug, there will be a lot of confusion: how to choose a wool rug? How are they taken care of on a daily basis? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each, etc., in order to help you determine whether a wool carpet is suitable for your home, please read the following 7 points carefully.

1. How to choose a wool rug

Most wool carpets will shed, but different materials and processes determine the severity of their shedding. For example, carpets made of a mixture of wool and other synthetic fibers, because synthetic fibers are less abrasive, they will wear and shed faster than wool, so the shedding phenomenon will be more serious.

Another factor that determines whether a wool rug sheds or not is the workmanship. Most machine-made carpets, such as hand-made gun-stabbed carpets, are made by punching the fluff on the carpet base fabric with a stab gun, and then fixing it with glue. When the glue ages and breaks, the fluff will naturally fall off.

If you're looking to buy a wool rug that doesn't shed, then our recommendation is to choose a hand-knotted wool rug. Because each pile of this type of carpet is tightly knotted by the weaver and tied to the radial line, it is very strong. Even if there is a little hair shedding when you first use it, as long as the floating hair on the surface is completely removed, this phenomenon will stop.

2. Is the wool carpet durable?

Hand-knotted wool rugs are extremely durable. Wool is a helical fiber with a high degree of crimp, so it is highly resistant to pressure, and is strong and durable, unlike synthetic fibers that fray easily.

If you want to buy a durable rug that will last you for many years, then a hand-knotted wool rug is a really good choice. As we all know, handmade wool rugs can be used for decades to centuries, and many antique rugs that have been photographed at high prices by collectors are made of wool.

3. Is wool carpet safe?

The answer is "yes", wool rugs have very good flame resistance and are a good choice for creating a safe indoor environment, very suitable for children's rooms.

In addition, it has good air permeability and is called a "breathing carpet". It can absorb moisture when the air is humid and release moisture when the air is dry, and can act as a home air humidity regulator.

4. How to take care of

Caring for carpets may sound intimidating, but it's actually easier than you think.

First, for larger crumbs, you can take the rug outside and shake the rug to let the large crumbs fall naturally. Secondly, for some daily floating dust, you only need to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum regularly, about once a week can meet the needs. But when vacuuming, be careful not to let the vacuum cleaner touch the edge of the carpet and the fringe of the carpet, so that the carpet will not be caught.

5. How to store handmade wool rugs

If you plan to store your handmade wool rug, first make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry before putting it away, this will help keep the rug free of mold while in storage.

Secondly, you can put one or two mothballs in storage, they can form an effective barrier to various pests in a confined space, preventing them from biting your carpet.

6. Which areas are applicable

The good wear resistance and pressure resistance of handmade wool carpets make it suitable for use in any environment, even in areas with a lot of traffic such as aisles, entrances, and living rooms.

However, it should be noted that due to the remarkable moisture absorption and moisture-wicking properties of wool carpets, it is best not to place them in bathrooms that are often wet.

7. How to choose the pattern?

The current pattern styles of Yilong handmade wool carpets include modern abstract style, Persian retro style, Chinese national style, etc., which can basically meet most of the decoration styles on the market. European and American furniture styles can choose Persian patterns; modern and light luxury furniture can choose modern abstract patterns; new Chinese style and mahogany furniture can close their eyes and enter Chinese national style patterns.

Persian Style Handmade Wool Rug
Contemporary Handmade Wool Rug
Chinese Style Handmade Wool Carpet

If you have your own preference but are not sure whether it can be perfectly matched with your own decoration, you can make an appointment with our "door-to-door trial shop" service. Exclusive customized matching scheme, so that you can buy real hand-knotted wool carpet without leaving home.