Silk handmade rugs with excellent workmanship, attractive design, and various colors are intelligent classics, which are also a kind of artistic expression and craft inheritance. How to pick a fine silk handmade rug?

Firstly, look at the pattern of the hand-woven rug. Each handwoven silk rug is an artwork, and the details of the pattern are worth noting - the color should be harmonious and pleasing, the size of the flower should be the same, and the vine line should be delicate, but the overall feeling is more important. Love at first sight, it will be right.

Second, Look at the number of knots. Turn over to the back of the hand-knotted rugs and count the number of knots per square centimeter. The denser the knot, the more knots, and the better the hand-woven carpet quality. Ordinary household hand woven Silk Rugs generally have 57-96 knots per square centimeter, and the top-grade carpets can reach 1076 knots. However, the top grades are generally collected in museums, which are expensive and generally not seen by ordinary people.

Third, look at the materials. Hand-knotted carpets are time-consuming and labor-intensive, weaving one rug, and sometimes takes several months, even several years. Therefore, in the selection of raw materials, it is very careful, generally using silk or wool. Silk can be made into a high-density handmade rug, and wool can only be made into a low-density handmade rug. In the market, the price of handmade wool rugs is generally only two-thirds of the price of Handmade Silk Carpets. However, the wool rugs are thicker and rougher. The Silk Carpet is thinner and more graceful.

Fourth, look at the draftsman: The hand-made silk carpet is completely hand-drawn by the draftsman on paper. It takes about one to three months to draw a set of artwork. These patterns are fully integrated into the personal art cultivation and style of the draftsman. Some of these people are masters of national arts and crafts, and more are [artists" who are hidden in the folk all year round. They have no famous name, but they have far-reaching influence in the industry and are truly [innocent kings". Therefore, the handmade silk carpet you purchased from which draftsman`s hands is one of the factors in determining the value of the hand-woven silk carpet.

Fifth, look at weavers. The best age for women workers who weave handmade Silk Carpets is 35-45 years old. Too young, the knitting technique is not mature enough, and it is inevitable that there will be defects in the carpets. The age is too big, the eyesight and physical strength are falling, the hand strength is not enough, and the perfect carpets cannot be woven. The best weavers who can weave fine silk carpets are mostly 35-45 years old.

Fifth, look at the year. The longer the time, the greater the appreciation space of the handmade silk carpet, and the color of the old hand-woven carpets is more charming than the new hand-woven carpets. If you have enough budget, buying a century-old antique carpet, whether it is collection appreciation or investment, will not let you regret it.

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