Christmas is approaching. Many foreign friends have started to buy handmade silk carpets from Yilong. Many customers consult us about whether there are handmade silk carpets suitable for Christmas.

What is the comes to the most suitable carpet for Christmas. The first thing we recommend must be a tribal carpet with rich colors and clear styles.

Tribe carpet is a great choice for Christmas decorations. The main colors are usually red, green, and other Christmas colors. It is matched with various visual impact geometric patterns. It Looks like snowflakes and small bells like the Christmas season. Such a carpet full of Christmas elements is paved at home, as if in a happy and warm Christmas world.

The tribal carpets are paved in the living room, bedroom, corridor, and other places at home. And some Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, color lamps, gift boxes, Christmas socks, etc. All of them can create a warm home full of festive atmosphere.

The rich colors and unique patterns of the tribe carpet are contrasting with Christmas decorations. The festive and warmth of the whole home can be filled with festivals. Walking on such a carpet seems to feel the companionship of Santa and Snow Elf. Each corner is full of festivals and happiness.

Such a festive atmosphere will be moved by your intentions and creativity. A passionate tribe carpet not only adds warmth and comfort to the home. It also shows the taste and enthusiasm of the owner.

In short, the tribal carpet is a good choice for Christmas decorations. It can not only add a festive atmosphere but also bring warmth and comfort to their homes. If you have not prepared a carpet for Christmas, you may consider using the following nine tribal carpets for you to decorate your Christmas dream.

122cm x183cm Trible Rug

122cm x183cm Silk Trible Rug

198cm x305cm Handmade Trible Silk Carpet

198cm x305cm Silk Trible Carpet

198cm x 305cm Hand Knotted Silk Rug

198cm x 305cm Caucasian Rug

305cm x 366cm Handmade Caucasian Carpet

305cm x 397cm Large Trible Carpet

305cm x 397cm Handmade Silk Carpet