A few days ago we shipped a handmade silk rug to the UK. The customer received the carpet today and was very satisfied with the carpet and sent us a fresh and warm "Buyer Show".

The client's home is decorated in an American style. The dark green velvet sofas on both sides give it a gorgeous and elegant atmosphere. The entire living room is rich in color and the decorations everywhere are just right, plentiful but not cluttered, giving it a retro feel.

This yellow and blue handmade silk rug was personally selected by the customer. I have to say that she has good taste and the rug matches the style of the living room very well. The yellow carpet always gives people a sense of a prosperous palace, and it is particularly suitable when paired with the same classical style decoration. With the carpet as a backdrop, just looking at the photos makes the entire space feel graceful and luxurious. Without further ado, here are the comparison pictures before and after the customer’s home was carpeted:

Did your appearance soar after laying down a silk carpet?

Speaking of which, the client also has a close relationship with handmade carpets. Her living room was previously covered with a wool carpet purchased from Iran (later damaged), a small Afghan carpet was laid under the piano, and a small handmade silk carpet purchased from Dubai was laid in the entrance hall and hung on the wall. The one is an Indian handmade hanging painting. It is not difficult to see from these details that the customer is a person who pays great attention to the quality of life.

It is also worth mentioning that the small-sized handmade silk carpet in the customer's home was most likely exported by us several years ago, because we have sold this pattern before, and the pattern is relatively old, so the probability of collision is not high. . We are so pleased and proud to see it so cherished and loved in our customers' homes.

It is precisely because the customer has a certain understanding of handmade carpets before, so after carefully comparing the differences between handmade wool carpets and handmade silk carpets, he still feels that silk carpets have a more delicate and skin-friendly feel, more precise and realistic patterns, and better gloss. Well, the overall visual effect is also more prominent, so I finally chose silk carpet.

In fact, customers have often asked about the choice of silk carpets and wool carpets before. Here I will briefly differentiate them for you:

Material and price

Because silk is relatively difficult and costly to obtain, silk carpets are generally more expensive than wool carpets. Wool is more common, has high yields, and is relatively cheap.


Wool rugs come in a variety of patterns, including traditional and modern designs. Silk carpets mainly have traditional fine patterns, because the fibers of silk are thinner and are more suitable for making fine patterns.

Quality and Density

Handmade wool rugs are generally less dense than silk rugs due to the characteristics of the two materials. The fibers of wool are thicker, and the patterns presented are relatively simple and unsophisticated. The fibers of silk are fine, and the carpets produced are of higher quality and density.

Foot Feels

Silk carpets have a smoother foot feel, while wool carpets are relatively soft.

Gloss and Look and Feel

Silk carpet has a pearl-like luster, and the color changes can be seen from different angles. Wool rugs are matte and have a consistent pattern from different angles.

When choosing silk carpets and wool carpets, you can consider the following aspects in conjunction with your home decoration:


If you are on a budget, wool rugs are a more affordable option. For consumers who pursue a sense of luxury, silk carpets may be more suitable.

Decorative Style

Consider the overall decorative style of your home and choose carpet materials and patterns that match it. For example, a modern minimalist style may be better suited to the simple patterns of a wool rug, while a vintage or palazzo style may be better suited to the subtle patterns of a silk rug.

Usage Scenarios

If your rug will be used in a high-traffic area, such as a living room or hallway, you may want to consider a more durable wool rug. For low-frequency stepping areas such as bedrooms, you can choose more luxurious silk carpets.

Of course, none of the above suggestions are absolute. The final choice should also consider the owner's personal aesthetic preferences and usage habits. After all, what you like is the best.