New Year is the peak export season for handmade silk rugs. Carpet orders come in an endless stream from major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. We have to be busy packaging and shipping almost every day. Today we are going to pack a batch of handmade silk carpets and send them to the United States.

The customer is a Turkish businessman. He opened a handmade carpet business in the United States. His store features handmade rugs in various styles from around the world. The carpet categories are very complete. But the more high-end ones are Yilong’s handmade silk carpets.

China is an early country that used mulberry silk to weave silk and has been famous as the "Silk Country" since ancient times. China's silk carpets have always enjoyed a high reputation in the world. It has a fine texture and good gloss. Therefore, customers also have great trust in the quality of silk carpets produced in China. This is one of the reasons why he chose to import handmade silk carpets from China.

This client has been working with us for more than ten years. When we first started working together, he personally visited our factory. Witness how craftsmen weave clusters of silk threads into exquisite carpets. He was not only impressed by the skills of the weavers. He also developed a strong interest in Chinese silk culture. Since then, he has imported handmade silk carpets from us from time to time every year. Every time there are dozens of entries.

Handmade silk rugs are expensive. It is one of the more high-end carpet categories. Therefore, even a powerful buyer like this Turkish customer. He can only buy a dozen pieces at a time. But every carpet is carefully selected by him from our product album. He understood the value of these rugs and the hard-won process of making them. These works of art are therefore always treated with the utmost respect and caution.

Although the price of handmade silk carpets is relatively high. But for those customers who are looking for quality and unique design, they are undoubtedly a good choice. Especially those who pay attention to the quality of life and have certain financial strength. They tend to pay more attention to its aesthetic value and artistic potential when selecting carpets.

They are willing to pay a higher price for a handmade silk rug that truly suits their needs. Because in their opinion, such investment is worthwhile. A carpet that can be called a work of art can not only accompany them to spend quality time. Become more like a family. Stay with them for many years and even pass down from generation to generation.

Also worth mentioning. This client has been choosing patterns in addition to traditional Persian styles in recent years. I will also choose some Turkish-style handmade silk carpets. For example, the blue "Ocean Star" in the picture above. Previously, carpets of this style were mainly sent to Turkey. But in recent years, it seems to have gradually gained popularity in the US market. Even the boss joked that "this pattern is a hit in the United States, and we have a share of the credit."

In addition to regular rectangular rugs, the client also selected several round rugs and hallway rugs. All of them are very exquisite and beautiful. So we often say that good designs will never lack buyers.

hand knotted silk carpets

This batch of handmade silk rugs will arrive in the United States soon. They will become the center of attention of customers in a prominent location in the store.