Today we are going to pack two handmade silk carpets and send them to Hong Kong, but what is different from the past is that today we are shipping two carpets with stories.

Two years ago, a customer from Hong Kong contacted us and said that he wanted to customize two handmade silk carpets for his Hong Kong hilltop villa worth 1.16 billion Hong Kong dollars. One size is 4m x 4.5m for the living room, and the other size is 4m x 4.5m 4m, paved in the dining room.

The Hilltop Villa in Hong Kong

When we first received this order, we were hesitant. Because the weaving time of handmade silk carpets is far longer than that of ordinary carpets, it is normal for a few months to a year or two. In addition, handmade carpets are mostly sold in stock, and the patterns are also classics that have been passed down for centuries. Design, if you want to customize the pattern, we need to re-draw, arrange the warp, and even make a loom of the corresponding size, so the price will be much higher than the stock. Many customers who want to customize handmade carpets either cannot accept such a long construction period, or cannot accept the high price, so we generally do not accept customization.

When we truthfully informed the customer of the situation, unexpectedly the customer did not give up on this idea, but repeatedly confirmed with us the time required for custom-made carpets, and sincerely told us that he had almost seen the carpet on the market before. All kinds of carpets, but only handmade silk carpets can give him an amazing feeling. Although it does take a long time to customize, he believes that beautiful things are worth the wait.

Two custom handmade silk rugs to be sent to Hong Kong

Seeing the persistence of customers, we are also touched. Although beautiful things are common, people who are willing to wait a long time for them are rare. So after thinking twice, we accepted the order.

Customizing carpets is not an easy task. The first thing to solve is the early pattern design and drawing. We took the photos of the carpet pattern and the yarns of various colors given by the customer and communicated with a senior handmade carpet designer in Shanghai four times before finally confirming the design drawing and the color of the required yarns.

The drawing process of the designer is a bit like the cross-stitch we are familiar with. The carpet to be woven needs to be drawn in a one-to-one ratio on the special drawing, and painted with color; then each warp and weft is numbered to facilitate the material The preparation and weaving of the weaver later. Then we have to select silk threads of various colors according to the design drawings. The weaving process of a handmade rug uses 30 to 40 colors, so the handmade rug looks colorful and has a variety of patterns.

12 steps to make a handmade silk rug

The second thing to solve is the construction period, because the customer was in a hurry and wanted to weave a carpet in 8 months, but under normal circumstances, a carpet of this size would take at least 12-15 months. So we arranged 16 workers from two organizations to weave 16 hours a day in turn to complete the weaving work as soon as possible.

It has been almost two years since I received the order and packaged and sent it to the customer today, plus the delay of the epidemic in the middle. The wait is long, but the final product is also unexpectedly exquisite: Take this light blue handmade silk carpet of 4m x 4.5m as an example. It is made by hand and knotted 10 million times. The pattern is exquisite and dense, and the texture is soft and delicate. It is not only a rare ground decoration, but also a rare handmade art!

In a few days, these two handmade silk carpets will arrive in Hong Kong and be spread in a hilltop villa worth 1.16 billion Hong Kong dollars to fulfill its home furnishing mission. We don't know what kind of story it will experience next, but it is certain that its owner will stare and touch it very carefully and seriously, because handmade carpets are born with such warmth and feelings.

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