A.Why purchase handmade rugs instead of machine-made? 

  1. Excellent long-time durability, usually with tight density.

2. Do not fade and do not deteriorate as time goes by like machine-made carpets.

3. Environmental friendly, healthily keep your families away from allergies.

4. Easy to clean and stays clean better, saving your time of toilsome housework.

5. Classic with fashion, fit for any style of home decoration, making your room elegant.

6. With the combination of colorful designs, they give artistic value to the collection.

7. The value of handmade carpets added year by year, is a good choice for investment.

B.Why purchase handmade rugs from Yilong Carpet?

  1. Yilong is the largest handmade silk rug manufacturer in the world.

2. All of our silk rugs are 100% hand-knotted.

3. Over 4000pcs hand-knotted rugs in stock.

4. Selling the finest handmade rugs Since1987 all over the world.

5. About 30 years experience in handmade carpets area, with professional services.

6. We are the manufacturer, and offer incredible low wholesale prices to you