Today I would like to introduce to you two unique handmade silk rug runners. These are two exquisite and gorgeous hallway rugs that have just come off the loom.

The material of these two hand-knotted hallway rugs is silk. Dimensions are 91cm x 366cm. Each piece takes a master weaver 7 months to weave. The design style is elegant. It is very suitable for modern light luxury, European, and American-style home environments.

These two models are new designs this year. The original pattern was originally a regular rectangular silk rug. Because the pattern is so exquisite and eye-catching. We came up with a bold idea: redraw it and improve it into a strip corridor carpet. We were excited when we saw the rug runners. The appearance is very nice. It is a stunning sight. The first batch of these two patterns was woven with about 10 pieces each. When they appeared, they quickly attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign customers. Due to the exquisite design and superb quality, quickly sold out. Currently, only a few pieces are in stock.

The first of these is the design of Blue Rose Manor. It adopts traditional hand-knotted weaving technology, no glue, no formaldehyde, odorless, and environmentally friendly. The pattern is in the traditional Turkish style. The blue roses and the sharp-edged lines make you feel like you are in a sea of roses when you look at this carpet. Roses symbolize true and pure love. Dense rose elements make this carpet full of love.

The second one is also a typical Turkish design. Compared with the first one, the color will be calmer and thicker, leaning towards lake blue. The eye-catching geometric line elements in the middle of the pattern also add a fashionable touch to the entire carpet.

In addition, there is a lake blue space in the pattern. It has a dark blue floral design with dark patterns. The dark lines are smooth, like rippling water or undulating mountains, giving people a delicate and mysterious feeling.

The popularity of these two silk carpets in the market was completely within our expectations. Because handmade carpets have always won people's favor with their excellent design and quality. But the sales were so hot that it exceeded our expectations. This came as a surprise to us. The second batch is currently being woven in full swing. But it will probably take several months to be completed.

Handmade silk rugs are not easy to weave. In addition to regular rectangles, the number of other shapes such as circles, octagons, and bars is very limited. Sometimes finding the right hallway rug also depends on luck. So if you are interested in them, we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible to avoid missing this rare opportunity.

In the new year, many friends are looking for carpet and soft furnishing accessories that can add a sense of atmosphere to their homes. But when people choose carpets, it is easy to overlook the importance of corridors. Acts as a bridge between different rooms.

Choose an exquisite and unique handmade silk hallway rug. Not only can it show the owner's quality aesthetics. It can also be used as a visual focus to add a bright color to the home environment. Improve the level of the entire home. In addition, due to hand-weaving, the density is better, which can also reduce the noise generated when walking. Make your home quieter and more comfortable. Especially in households with children or pets. A high-quality handmade rug can reduce the risk of slips and increase walking safety.

In 2024, Choose beautifully unique silk hallway hand-knotted rug runners. Add a sense of ritual to life with beautiful home decorations.