If have enough money, would you buy a hand knotted silk carpet? Why? Regarding this question, an old friend of Yilong gave this answer: If I have enough money, I must choose a handmade silk carpet, and it must be from Yilong Carpet factory. There are 6 reasons.

1. The pattern of the handmade silk carpet is carefully designed. Style, composition, color matching, shape... every detail is full of the designers' inspiration and wisdom, as well as their understanding of art and the world. As a director said: "In this movie, there is the food I have eaten, the books I have read, the places I have been, and the people I have loved. When you buy this movie ticket, you are buying me The Essence of Life in the first few decades.”

2. Handicraft is my favorite. As the saying goes, "Ten fingers connect to the heart", handicrafts have a breath of life that is far beyond the reach of machine-made products. When the weaver is weaving the carpet, her emotion and patience are embedded between the warp and weft from her fingertips, as if there is a mysterious message. People say: "Authenticity means aura." This can also be applied to handmade carpets.

3. I like silk fabrics. It collects the energy of silkworms throughout their lives. The unpredictable luster of silk at different angles also fascinates me.

4. I love carpets. In ancient times, carpets were called "lichen" and tapestries were called "wall hangings", which sounded very anthropomorphic. No matter how boring the room is, hanging rugs one after another will immediately become the focus of the vision and highlight the elegant and subtle temperament. Home should be so warm.

5. The way the handmade silk carpet’s buttons are made makes it very strong and not afraid of damage. I have always liked strong and beautiful items.

6. Handmade carpets also have collection value. Use it with care and it can be passed down from generation to generation. Imagine that the younger generations are living on the carpet that has been passed down by the family for generations, teasing out their own unique words and stories. What a beautiful picture!

Of the above six reasons, each one hits the heart directly and each one can be savored carefully. The handmade silk carpet is indeed the best among carpets and also a wonder among works of art. The multiple attributes of it being both a carpet and a work of art make it destined to be a masterpiece in itself. It won’t be ordinary.

The pattern of a handmade silk carpet, every detail, every color, every flower, every bird, every line needs to be polished carefully before it can finally be transformed into a perfect work. The design of handmade silk carpets has long gone beyond the expression of the design itself and has been elevated to a work of art. It not only lives for aesthetics but also exists to convey thoughts and emotions.

When designers hold paintbrushes and move slowly and freely back and forth on the paper, what they draw is not patterns, but hearts.

The reason why many antique rugs are so valuable lies in the rare beauty of their patterns. Although the patterns of handmade silk carpets are inherited, as time goes by, the original patterns will be carved and evolved into new feelings in each era. This ever-changing expression also contains the life sentiments of millions of carpet designers. Life experience and vision determine the aesthetics of carpet designers and the height of carpet design.

In addition to the design, the most valuable thing about handmade silk carpets is that they are hand-woven. Time is an invisible player in handwoven rugs. The weavers put in thousands of hours of weaving work, splitting the warps and knotting them day and night, and weaving the wefts through spring, summer, autumn, and winter, to weave a carpet that is unique in the world.

All the sweat and tears are wrapped in the woven time. Countless joys and worries are remembered by time and witnessed by the woven carpet. Every hand-woven carpet can tell a story: for example, on the 372nd day of weaving the carpet, her son could walk, and she smiled like a rose. She happened to be weaving a camel that day, and the two humps seemed to She giggled…

There are thousands of kinds of hand-woven carpets in the world, but silk carpets are the most expensive because they are made of silk. China is the ancient hometown of silk, the country that knows and uses silk best. Silk is made into various fabrics, clothing, bedding, and even fans and accessories.

Since the Han Dynasty, China has been famous for its silk fabrics. Silk was transported from east to west to the Western Regions, opening up the Silk Road. China is also known as the "Silk Country", not to mention the exquisite Kesi craftsmanship, the four famous Embroidered.

The Chinese knew how to use silk, so silk naturally became the raw material for carpets. Silk refining is very resource-intensive, and only one-third of a cocoon is ultimately refined into silk. But the smooth touch, bright luster, and hand-woven craftsmanship of silk carpets are a perfect expression of their value for silk.

What is precious about handmade items is not the craftsmanship itself, but the connotation of the items expressed by the craftsmanship. Silk hand-woven carpets are like this. The natural silk is entangled between the warp and weft with hand-weaving techniques. It does not waste time and craftsmanship, and reveals the youth bit by bit, line by line, knot by knot, and finally interweaves. Extraordinary treasures, elegance, and elegance.

It is precisely because of the elegant and flexible pattern design and rich composition patterns of silk hand-woven carpets that they have long been favored by celebrities and elegant people, who often use them to decorate spaces. Handwoven rugs are warmer than hard stone floors, softer than thick wooden floors, and more natural than clumsy machine-made rugs.

The design, colors, and patterns of hand-woven carpets are traced back to the vast nature of the world. Therefore, no matter how simple or extremely gorgeous the home decoration is, hand-woven silk carpets can echo and harmoniously match it. At the same time, hand-woven carpets are clean and environmentally friendly, do not contain any formaldehyde, and are more protective of people's health.

Natural, beautiful, and environmentally friendly are an attitude towards life and an aesthetics of life. Hand-woven carpets can accurately convey these concepts.

If we had to select a few items that can be passed down in Chinese homes, apart from treasures passed down from generation to generation and traditional mahogany furniture, many people don’t know that handwoven silk carpets are also one of the treasures that can be passed down through nine generations.

Hand-woven carpets are made by fastening the warp threads bit by bit. Each time a button is tied, the threads are cut off, and the cut threads become piles. Such a process makes hand-woven carpets stronger and more durable than ordinary carpets.

Persian antique rugs have survived for hundreds of thousands of years, which is the best proof. Some hand-woven carpets are also woven with warm silk threads during the weaving process. This way, after the threads are completely dry, the carpet surface will be tighter and its service life can be extended.

Hand-woven carpets are woven over a long period and can also give people long-term companionship. From now on, time is no longer ruthless, but quietly settles in every button of the silk carpet, silently guarding, tenderness and everlasting love. .