Handmade silk carpets are widely used in many homes and hotels due to their fine workmanship and high-quality materials. Therefore, the purchase and use of handmade silk carpets are very cost-effective and durable for a family. And for a long time, the hand-made silk carpet as an increasingly rare handcrafted art determined that it has a high collection and appreciation value, invisibly also determining its unlimited appreciation potential. However, as a household item, it requires us to have some daily maintenance necessary for it after the purchase.

First of all, we change the position of the carpet at least once a year to avoid damage to the carpet color caused by sunlight. Silk carpets must be placed on top of chemical fiber carpets and wool carpets. Try not to be in direct contact with the ground. The advantage of this is that it is better to protect the silk from other objects and the wetness of the ground and to slip when it is not going to walk on it.

Secondly, when we are indoors, we must pay attention to finding a suitable and appropriate position: away from the door, a little further away from the aisle, try to put it in the middle part of the living room, in front of the sofa and the seat. In front of the bedroom bed. Do not shop in the room. Place the mat on the door to remove the gray sand from the sole.

The third point is to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum and clean the surface of the carpet. It is best not to let the water sprinkle on the carpet. If it is not wet, the carpet should be taken to a cool place to dry to avoid direct sunlight.

Finally, regular cleaning is required to keep your carpet in a very good color. We recommend that household customers must send the carpet to a professional carpet for cleaning within two to three years. It is not cheap and easy, and the carpet is handed over to a general carpet cleaning company. We must be aware that our carpets are not carpets in the general sense, but crafts that are collected and appreciated. Such carpets may be damaged if they are slightly careless when cleaned.

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