Handmade carpets have a long history, bright colors, and important symbolic significance and cultural significance. By incorporating these unique ground arts into your room, you can create a brighter home design case. But accordingly, it is not easy to make a hand-made carpet. Based on the size and quality of the carpet, each carpet may require one to multiple weaving workers for several months or even years. Because they are not easy to make, it is necessary to understand some basic maintenance knowledge when using them.

1. Clean regularly

The best way to extend your handmade carpet life is to develop regular cleaning habits. Vacuums of carpets 1 to 2 times a week can effectively prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the carpet. However, it should be noted that do not use a vacuum cleaner with a shot and rotating brush head, and do not use the steam function, because they will lose the carpet fiber.

Before the vacuum, please confirm that the machine's mouth has no cracks or burrs to prevent the fluff of pinching or hooking the carpet. If your handmade carpet has fringes on the edge of your carpet, you can press the fringes under the carpet before the vacuum is vacuumed, which can effectively prevent the fringes spike from being stuck in the vacuum cleaner. If the dust of the vacuum cleaner is full, please clean it in time.

2. Use detergent carefully

Some houses are relatively large, so you can also choose to clean the hand-made carpet at home. First place the carpet on the open floor, then let the carpet soak in cold water, and then use a soft water pipe to wash the carpet.

Cleaning hand-to-hand carpet needs to use neutral detergent. In order to test the reaction of the carpet to the detergent, the brush can be immersed in the water mixed with the detergent, and then a small part of the carpet can be wiped gently. Note that you need to follow the direction of the fluff of the carpet when wiping. The strength should not be too great. If the carpet does not fade in 10 minutes after operation, you can boldly clean the entire carpet.

Due to the strict cleaning steps of hand-made carpets, a little error may cause carpet damage, so we generally do not recommend that everyone clean at home, or try to contact the professional carpet cleaning mechanism to deal with it.

3. dry carpet

After cleaning the carpet thoroughly, squeeze the excess water off the carpet surface, and then place the carpet in a ventilated and cool place to let the carpet air dry naturally. In this step, you need to pay special attention to avoid direct sunlight, because the carpet of any material is easy to fade after exposure.

4. Manual carpet storage method

It is best to roll up when it is not used in hand-made carpets so that it is not easy to produce creases. If your carpet is made of wool, then you must remember to put a camphor pill in the carpet, so as to effectively avoid insects; if the carpet is made of silk, just put it in a ventilated and dry place.

5. Regularly adjust the direction of the carpet

If you want your handmade carpet to live as much as possible, we recommend rotating the direction of the carpet every 6 months, because placing it in the same position may cause severe wear, furniture depression, or fading in one area of the carpet. Regularly adjusting the direction of the carpet can ensure that each area of the carpet is uniform.

6. How to maintain handmade carpets

Floating hair off carpets using hand-knotted weaving processes often contain some short fibers that fall off. This situation will be more obvious when the carpet starts to be used. If you encounter this situation, don't worry, this is normal, not the quality of the carpet. After you use it for a week or two, this situation will disappear after the floating hair on the carpet surface.

Pruning: To keep the carpet beautiful and extend the service life, you need to care carefully. However, in some accidents, the external force may pull the row of the carpet out of the carpet. The threaded thread will be above other clusters of velvet, and it can be trimmed with sharp scissors.

Unexpected color: When you appreciate a hand-made carpet made of silk, you may find that there is an uneven color on the surface of the carpet. This is caused by inconsistency with the fiber surface and section of the fiber surface of different parts. The main reason is to step on or vacuum vacuum The direction of the villius changes. Unexplained colors can be solved by streaming in the direction of fiber rather than wear or production quality.