Recently, we have imported a new batch of Persian tapestry, each of which is hand-woven, exquisitely crafted, with vivid and dynamic patterns. Persian tapestry is mostly made of wool + silk, and wool is the main material for weaving Persian tapestry. The tapestry woven with wool feels delicate and silky and soft to the touch; while the addition of real silk can make the tapestry pattern more lustrous, and is usually used to emphasize the pattern in the tapestry Key design.

Although there are many similarities between tapestries and rugs, there are also obvious differences: rugs are mainly used on the floor, while tapestries are mostly used to decorate walls. The purpose of the rug is mainly reflected in the use value, and the practicality is the main decoration. Tapestry, on the other hand, is more of a decorative value than a tapestry. If you are thinking about how to decorate your walls, the tapestry is definitely a choice that will not disappoint you. It not only has practical functions such as keeping out the cold, keeping warm, moisture-proof, absorbing light, and sound insulation, but most importantly, it can beautify the room and cultivate emotions. Whether you hang them in the hallway or the study and living room, these ingenious decorations can add color, texture, and pattern to the space, making people fully appreciate the ancient but timeless artistic beauty of the tapestry.

NO. 1 Eight Horses

Dimensions (with frame): 168cm x 127cm

Dimensions (without frame): 150cm x 115cm

Eight Horses is the most common classic masterpiece in horse paintings. This "Eight Horses" Persian tapestry pattern is magnificent and shows the charm of horses. Although the courage and strength of the horse in the rug seem static, the overall momentum is bold and invincible, giving people the beauty of galloping momentum and charm, and having a strong visual impact.

The horse has always been regarded as a symbol of freedom and strength, inspiring people to be positive, with profound and beautiful meanings, and has been widely respected in ancient and modern times. Hanging it at home can not only play a decorative role but also reflect the knowledge, insights, and life taste of the owner of the owner's room.

This patterned tapestry is also available in two other sizes, which are:

74cm x 109cm (without frame);

244cm x183cm (without frame).

NO. 2  Foal

Dimensions (with frame): 109cm x 91cm

Dimensions (without frame): 95cm x 75cm

It is also a tapestry with the theme of horses. A cute and sprouting pony is woven into the surface of this carpet. Horses imply passion, unrestrained, loyalty, elegance, and agility. In ancient times, horses often lived with their owners and shared weal and woe.

NO. 3 White Horse

Dimensions (with frame): 165cm x 123cm

Dimensions (without frame): 150cm x 107cm

In ancient China, the white horse was regarded as an auspicious sign, representing luck and success; in legend, the white horse was the mount of the gods, and was often depicted as a sacred existence; in Buddhism, the white horse represented the mount of the Bodhisattva, symbolizing the Bodhisattva In Christianity, the white horse represents the return and salvation of Jesus.

Generally speaking, white horses play multiple roles such as auspicious, sacred, and noble in different cultures. Although different cultures and religions have given it different meanings, it has always been a beloved and revered animal.

NO. 4 King of Beasts

Dimensions (with frame): 165cm x 130cm

Dimensions (without frame): 150cm x 110cm

This tapestry depicts two lions, a male, and a female. The male lion is majestic and majestic, while the female lion is gentle and loving. The lion has been the embodiment of wisdom and strength since ancient times. It has the meaning of auspiciousness, prosperity, and endless life, and symbolizes status, dignity, and protection.

The pattern of this tapestry is lifelike, vividly showing the charm of the lion as the king of beasts. It is very suitable for men with successful careers.

NO. 5 Flower Basket

Dimensions (with frame): 101cm x 69cm

Dimensions (without frame): 87cm x 53cm

Floral motifs are one of the most common motifs found in tapestries. The background part of the tapestry is woven in wool, while the bright floral parts are in silk for texture and depth. The flowers with strong three-dimensional effects not only look very delicate but also have a soft touch and rich petal layers, which make the whole work full of vitality and texture.

NO. 6 Two Horses Galloping

Dimensions (with frame): 165cm x 130cm

Dimensions (without frame): 150cm x 110cm


"Horse" has been loved by artists of all ages. Different times have different postures of horses, and their meanings and symbols are also different. The two horses in this tapestry have slender limbs and a handsome look, showing a heroic appearance when galloping. The two horses drive side by side, galloping forward, implying both prosperity and prosperity. (There are 2 tapestries with this pattern, the other one is the same size, only the color is slightly greener)

Since the above tapestries are all handmade with exquisite workmanship, they are of high value for both decoration and collection. Today, many palaces, art galleries, and art galleries in the world have Iranian tapestries as treasures. And with the decrease of weavers in recent years, the number of authentic Persian tapestries is also decreasing. If you have a pattern you like, don't hesitate for too long, welcome to contact us.