Packing and shipping handmade silk rugs is an essential skill for everyone in Yilong, and it is also the daily routine of Yilong craftsmen. For example, today, we are going to pack 80 pieces of handmade silk carpets and send them to the United States. We have introduced this Turkish customer many times before. He has opened a handmade carpet store in Los Angeles for many years, and he will order a batch of silk carpets from us every few months.

Although there are a lot of carpets to be packed up this time, there are not many types of patterns. They are basically Yilong's popular patterns "Heart of the Ocean", "Gate to the Starry Sky" and "Bow Tie of Love". These Turkish-style carpet Rugs feature heavily in our articles and are ubiquitous in rug shops in the US and Turkey, making them popular at home and abroad.

Some friends may wonder: "Don't Americans like Persian rugs very much, why does this customer want all Turkish styles?" In fact, it is not difficult to understand, because the customer himself is an authentic Turk, and the carpet shops opened by Turks should of course sell Turkish carpets. Just imagine if a shop opened by a Turk is filled with Persian carpets, wouldn't it be ridiculous?

Although Turkish carpets are not as famous as Persian carpets, they are also one of the internationally renowned handmade carpet categories. Moreover, compared with regular Persian rugs, Turkish rugs are also self-contained, with their own unique style and beauty.

Let me talk about Persian carpets first. Persians are one of the earliest settled nations in the world, so Persian carpets are also called "city carpets". They are characterized by relatively stable carpet design styles, round lines, complex colors, and regular patterns.

In contrast, the style of Turkish rugs will be more varied and fashionable. Turkey has a long history of carpet weaving, with designs incorporating motifs from Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Many well-known handmade rugs such as Oushak Rugs and Kilims originated in Turkey and are known for their durability, and unique designs and are a favorite of many rug collectors.

Since the early Turks came from Central Asia and the Eurasian prairie, they lived a nomadic life for thousands of years. Therefore, under such turbulent living conditions, the carpets woven by the Turks were not as round and elegant as urban carpets. It is a variety of sharp straight lines and sharp geometric patterns. In addition, compared to Persian rugs which are good at using vines and flowers, Turkish rugs are more inclined to use elements from nature, such as trees, rivers, birds, and animals. This is because the early Turks were used to living with nature, unlike the city people have been separated from nature.

Today, Turkey has become a European tourist attraction. In order to meet the needs of tourists from different parts of the world, the styles of Turkish carpets have also become more diversified, and many bold and advanced designs have emerged in an endless stream. For example, the patterns we shipped this time are new designs that have been continuously improved and optimized in recent years. Their unified characteristics are eye-catching and fashionable patterns, very recognizable, not many colors but distinct layers, and a sense of design. Manman, not only can be matched with traditional European and American decoration but also can be easily matched with the modern luxury home environment that young people like, so it is very popular in the market.

If you also like this kind of Turkish-style rug, please contact us, and you can find your ideal handmade silk rug.