It is often said that we have 200 million handmade carpets in stock, and seeing them is better than hearing them. Today, I will take you on a "cloud tour" of Yilong's silk carpet showroom.

When you walk into the exhibition hall and open the door, the first thing you see are stacks of hand-knotted silk carpets arranged in an orderly manner. Each stack is arranged neatly according to size, just like the bookshelves in a library. The sunlight shines through the curtains on the carpet, reflecting wisps of light and shadow, making people feel like they are in an ancient and elegant world. Ranging in size from tens of centimeters to several meters, these rugs come in compact styles suitable for home décor and medium and large sizes suitable for luxury spaces.

Hanging on the walls on three sides of the exhibition hall are handmade silk carpets of 122cm Garden,” “Dome,” “Hunting Picture,” “Flower Floor” designs, and more.

Most of the pattern designs of handmade silk carpets come from the daily life of people in the Middle East, such as living environment, customs, and religious beliefs. Weavers will skillfully incorporate vase flowers, text patterns, and tree and animal patterns into carpet designs, thereby showing unique national culture and artistic style. Not only are these patterns beautiful and unique, they often have specific names and meanings.

If you look closely, you will see that the texture of the silk carpet is very delicate, every detail is visible, and every silk thread is tightly and evenly intertwined, showing the exquisite skills of handicrafts. Whether it is bright red, soft beige, or deep blue, every color looks so vivid and layered. It is really hard to imagine what a long weaving process these carpets have gone through before they finally appear. Such a gorgeous appearance.

The main material of handmade silk carpets is silk. Using this expensive raw material to weave carpets can give them a delicate, smooth, and soft feel. The choice of this material not only allows the luster of the carpet to change with changes in light and angle but also adds to the luxurious feel of the carpet. For this reason, handmade silk carpets have been loved by wealthy people from ancient times to the present. They are often used in palaces, luxury homes, and high-end clubs, becoming a symbol of noble status and taste.

The piles of silk carpets against the wall are stacked and stored. Because these are large-sized carpets, they will take up a lot of space if they are unfolded. Therefore, we usually fold them for storage. This storage method not only saves space but is also Convenient for us to manage and access.

Since the entire weaving process of handmade silk carpets is glue-free and formaldehyde-free, the entire carpet body is very soft, so it can be folded arbitrarily and still maintain its original shape and texture after folding. When we need to use it, we just need to unfold it and pat it gently, and the carpet can quickly return to its original shape, showing its gorgeous patterns and colors.

In addition to storing a large number of handmade silk carpets, our daily packaging and delivery are also carried out here. We have to go in and out of this showroom countless times almost every day to select the handmade silk carpets of choice for customers from different countries and skin colors, and then package them for delivery.

Packing and shipping is a job that requires both care and skill. We will select appropriate packaging materials based on the size and shape of the carpet to ensure that the carpet will not be damaged during transportation. At the same time, we will also carefully check the customer's order information to ensure that the carpets shipped are completely consistent with the customer's requirements.

In this showroom, we have witnessed the love and affirmation of handmade silk carpets from customers from all over the world. Some of them are attracted by the gorgeous patterns of carpets, while others value their unique materials and craftsmanship. No matter which one it is, we will do our best to provide them with high-quality services and satisfactory products.

Finally, here are some more beautiful pictures of our silk carpet showroom for everyone to enjoy. I also hope that you who have been paying attention to Yilong Carpet can find the carpet that belongs to you here: