Today, we are packing a batch of beautiful handmade silk rugs to be sent to Greece.

This customer is very fond of traditional Persian-style carpets and chooses mostly such designs. Among them, two yellow silk carpets also use special distressing techniques, giving them the antique look of antique carpets. This distressing process is very common in handmade carpets, but it is not easy to make. The pile on the surface of the carpet needs to be shaved thin and dried for a long time so that the carpet can have the charm of the times and be very strong and durable.

Handmade silk carpets with distressed craftsmanship can often show a charm that has been baptized over the years. The exquisite patterns and delicate textures on the carpet embody the hard work and wisdom of the weavers. They use the needles and threads in their hands to maximize the unique texture and charm of silk.

This batch of silk carpets will be shipped to Greece today. Speaking of Greece, this once-prosperous land reminds us of the glorious days of the 1990s. At that time, Greece's economy was booming and there was a high demand for high-quality silk carpets. Our silk carpets are so popular there that many customers even choose to purchase them in large quantities in containers.

However, over time, the overall decline of the European economy put the Greek economy in trouble. The once glorious importing country is now unable to afford the price of high-end silk carpets. The old days of ordering silk carpets in bulk no longer exist, replaced only by sporadic orders. These quiet changes not only reflect the changes in the Greek domestic economy but also seem to be the epitome of the adjustment of the entire world economic structure.

Sometimes when I think about it, I feel that the world economy is like a vast ocean, and the economies of various countries are like the waves in it, sometimes rising and sometimes falling. In this endless rotation, no country can always stand at the top, and no country will always sink to the bottom, such as the West which dominated the world a hundred years ago, and the East which is gradually attracting attention today. Perhaps this phenomenon of waxing and waning is the permanent norm of world economic development.

Over thirty years of handmade silk carpet production has allowed us to witness the rise and fall of economies around the world. From boom to recession, boom to downturn, every economic fluctuation leaves a deep imprint on our carpets. We are deeply honored to be able to play the role of witness in this world economic trend, and we are also proud to inherit and carry forward the traditional craft of handmade silk carpets. In the future, we will continue to produce and design more high-quality handmade silk carpets in a down-to-earth manner to bring beautiful enjoyment to consumers around the world.