Today we are packing 8,000 square feet of handmade silk carpets and sending them to Saudi Arabia.

Our recent shipments are mainly based on this type of Turkish pattern. These patterns have been popular all over the world in recent years. From Turkey at the beginning, to the United States, the Middle East, and other regions, they have received good feedback and are very popular in these markets.

In fact, handmade carpets are like this. Although new designs have been emerging in an endless stream, there are very few that have truly reached the level of classics. However, for this reason, as long as a classic pattern is recognized by the market, it will quickly spread to other regions in the next period and become a trend.

The reason why these popular patterns can be popular all over the world is that in addition to the artistic value and cultural heritage they contain, more importantly, they can cross-cultural and regional boundaries and touch people's deep emotions. Whether it is the romantic style of Turkey, the modern simplicity of the United States, or the mysterious charm of the Middle East, these patterns can be perfectly integrated with local culture and become the highlight of home decoration.

To ship out this batch of silk carpets as soon as possible, almost all of them are on the battlefield today: some are responsible for trimming carpets, carefully trimming the fine threads on the edges of carpets with scissors to ensure that each carpet is flawless; some are responsible for ironing, carefully ironing every part of the carpet surface with iron; some are responsible for registering numbers, carefully checking the information of each carpet to ensure that each piece of goods can be prepared for shipment to the destination; some are responsible for cutting and packaging, and can accurately calculate the length of the required packaging bag by just looking at the packed carpets...

Years of getting along have already made everyone tacitly understand and cooperate seamlessly. During the day-long packing work, everyone cooperated and helped each other, and the efficiency was also very high.

As the sky gradually darkened, the packing work finally came to an end. Next, these carpets will be shipped to Saudi Arabia to bring a wonderful experience to consumers there. We will also continue to uphold the principle of quality first, continuously launch more high-quality handmade silk carpets, and provide more choices and better services to consumers around the world.