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Yilong Carpet Will Attend Qinghai Exhibition (2018-5-21)


2018 China (Qinghai) international Tibetan carpet exhibition will be held in Qinghai international exhibition center on June 2. More than 206 carpet enterprises from 21 countries will attend this exhibition which from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Uzbekistan and China etc. It is expected that there will be more than 10,000 domestic and foreign businessmen will attend this exhibition.

The exhibition will show a variety of hand-made carpets, machine-made carpets and artistic tapestry, and show Tibetan carpet culture, Tibetan medicine culture, live demo how to weave hand-made carpet, carry out carpet sale and display of domestic and foreign handicrafts.

Yilong Carpet is also invited to participate this exhibition. We will bring various styles of hand-made silk carpet and wool silk mixed carpet to attend this exhibition.

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