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Top 10 the Most Expensive Handmade Rugs in the World (2018-6-8)


Frequent rug buyers know that rugs made with natural fibers can be pretty expensive. Most of the hand-knitted antique rugs capture the eyes of customers when displayed for auction. Not only does material but the storytelling elements also affect the price. Moreover, many of the rugs have an artistic value considering how old the carpet is. People with enormous wealth tend to buy impressive things like houses, vehicle, mobile phones, etc. People buying the most expensive houses in the world will buy expensive rugs to cover up the empty spaces in the hallways and rooms. We have gathered a list of 10 most expensive handmade rugs in the world.

10. The Tabriz Carpet

The Tabriz Carpet of northwest Persia sold at 68,500 USD at Sotheby’s auction. The nice weight Tabriz rug has a turtle design along the border.  It depicts the color schemes and patterns of Mahi tradition. The princely priced rug is at #10 on our list.

9. Fereghan Sarouk
Fereghan Sarouk is a masterpiece of Safavid dynasty era (Persian). The rug’s border has round shaped small designs, with a symmetrical design of three medallions in the middle. The value of this antique rug is 74,500 USD.

8. Portuguese Armorial
Portuguese Armorial is a square-cut rug with a beautiful and decent pattern of decoration. Doris Duke, the Supreme collectors of antique rugs in the world, have kept this rug in their collection. The artistic masterpiece has a market value of 80,500 USD.

7. Mohtashem Kashan
Mohtashem Kashan is an elite type of Kashan rugs. The rug with typical Kashan patterns has a history of over 250 years. Because of highly-paid artistry and better quality, this rug has a market value of 92,500 USD.

6. Ziegler Mahal Carpet
Ziegler Mahal, an expensive paragon from central Persia is a large-sized rug. The alluring masterpiece has an exquisite flower design and soft color palette along the border. Although the rug had some moth damages, its price is 98,500 USD.

5. Isfahan
Isfahan rug gains the attention of people because of its impeccable craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and an unusual winery design. The rug is an alluring masterpiece of Safavid’s royal courts. With a market value of 116,500 USD, this beautiful handmade oriental rug comes at #5 on our list.

4. Ushak Rug
Originally from Turkey, Ushak rug has a colorful and stunning design with symbolism and beautiful contrast. The rug represents Anatolian weaving traditions with full brick-red field and dual composition. Christie’s sold this rug at a price of 158,000 USD.

3. Silk Isfahan Rug
Silk Isfahan has the same design and artistry of Isfahan rug. However, the material (pure silk) distinguishes Silk Isfahan from the regular Isfahan. Moreover, this beautiful rug has a nice decoration of numerous colors and simple pattern. The rug has a market value of 4,450,000 USD.

2. Mughal Star Lattice
Made from soft ‘Pashmina’ wool, Mughal Star is originally from Kashmir; representing the Mughal era. The narrow knotted border has scarlet pattern lattice inside the borderline. Christie’s sold this beautiful paragon at an incredible price of 7,700,000 USD.

1. Kirman Vase
Kirman Vase rug represents the oldest Persian design which is well-known among the rug enthusiasts as the Herati pattern. The rug has excellent craftsmanship and high-quality material. It has a market value of 9,600,000 USD and is known as one of the most expensive rugs in the world.

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