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How do customers comment on us and our silk carpets?


The rugs arrived TODAY!!! How is that possible????!! only a couple days to go from China to here? I never would have believed it. The first rug from you was quick, but not as quick as this. I unwrapped it, and put it by my bed where I want to have it (need to get some help to put it all the way under the bed), but as soon as I unfolded it, I lost my breathe!!! It is even more beautiful than your photos, and I am so very happy I could cry!!! It's more lovely than the first rug, and so perfect for my home. It is so very rare to have a seller anywhere, especially China, who delivers more than they promise. Do you know that? I've been buying on eBay for many, many years, but rarely am so wonderfully surprised as you have made me. I am going to leave you the best feedback I can. If you ever have any customers who need someone here in the states to tell them about what a good seller you are, please refer them to me. Once I get my new home built in a couple years, I will be back for more of these rugs, as I know they will be incredible! I wish I had more room in my current home for more......but I am no longer able to do any more right now. I don't even have a place for this little dragon rug.....but I will keep it safe until the new house is done and find a place then.

I wish you all the best of fortunes and luck with your business, and I thank you so very much for sending me such a treasure!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

With the utmost regard, 
Anij Indigo


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