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Pre order in process for customized Chinese historical culture of handmade silk rug (2017-03-15)


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What we expect for summer? This Chinese culture design of silk rug telling a story is told by the designer that still survive from the turn-of-the-last century. For our instantly recognizable once look at this design of rug,the purity is apparently the first word and feeling come up with a feeling of having picnic along a quiet lake, that full of the history and elements of Chinese culture such as standing Pagoda, Koi carp in the crystal water, surrounding with plum tree covered mountains. By own this gorgeous silk rug, you are reading partial of Chinese culture and history. I could tell that would be the best of your gift for the coming summer.

This your Chinese historical landmark silk rug ( in size of 6.56’ x 9.84’ or 2 x 3 meter) in our weaver girl’s hands and will be done off the loom by August 2017. Pre-order with deposit in process and until its last. Call/WhatsApp at +86 137 3318 9846; email:

(Market Price:$15492)



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