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Yilong’s sales office freshen up after four days’ cleaning


As you know, Yilong has a big factory located in Nanyang city, actually we also have a sales office in Zhengzhou city. Zhengzhou and Nanyang are in the same province, Henan province, but Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan province, which means it’s the political, economical and cultural center of Henan province, much more cosmopolitan, prosperous and bustling than other cities. That’s why we set up a sales office in Zhengzhou, in this case, customer from all over the world would enjoy a good trip during their visit for us.

Our Nanyang factory has been producing fine handmade Persian silk rugs for about 30years. The factory was established in 1987 as a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of genuine hand knotted Persian design rugs. Undoubtedly, until now, we have over 6,000pcs ready-made handmade rugs in factory’s warehouse. Therefore, if customers need huge quantities, we will show them around our Nanyang factory to place the big order; but for normal order, visit for our Zhengzhou sales office is enough. Now the sales office is full with all kinds of handmade rugs in different qualities.

Just as you see from the picture, there is a corner of our sales office, storing with various orderly handmade rugs. But few days ago, rugs were all messed up after a customer’s visiting. He checked about all of our rugs in sales office. Just one by one, for A quality rug, B quality rug, C quality rug, we showed him the whole office, turned the sales office inside out nearly. We were really exhausted and tired, of course, tired with happiness. He placed an order finally. After finishing his order, we began to put all the rugs in order, one by one again. It took us about four days to clean the sales office and sort out different rugs. The sales office freshened up again to welcome next customer !

In Nanyang factory, we have big warehouse as well as many weavers. In oriental countries, there are above 26,000 skilled weavers which work for Yilong. Though the labour cost increase year by year, Yilong still insists to use old traditional hand knotted method to make Persian design rugs. So if you want to see how the rugs are made, we will show you around the Nanyang factory. You will find it’s amazing when you see the traditional handicraft techniques.

Our philosophy has been to produce excellent good quality handmade rugs and full services. Welcome to our factory and sales office, welcome to Yilong!


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