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What determines a good quality of handmade silk carpet?


The knot density is one of the most important criteria of quality. The quality of silk material, the workmanship, the harmony of colors and the balance of the pattern are also important factors to determine the quality. As far as the knot density concerned, we consider 160 lines (25600knots/sft) silk carpet medium fine, 300 lines (90,000knots/sft) silk carpet fine, 400 lines (160,000 knots/sft) silk carpet super fine, above 500 lines (250,000 knots/sft) silk carpet extreme fine, 1000 lines (1000,000 knots/sft) silk carpet the finest. The persian silk carpet are very famous for their design and quality but compared with Chinese silk carpet, the knot density is much lower. China produces extremely high knot-density silk carpets and silk tapestries, which workmanship are incredibly exquisite.

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