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Tips for handmade carpet


How to remove the packing folding lines?
1. Please roll the carpet (from the dark side) and put it away for few days, the folding lines will disappear.
2. Wipe the central folding line by a wet rag for few minutes.
3. Fold the carpet oppositely -- Fold the carpet from the backside along the central folding line for few minutes.
4. Just put the carpet on the floor, the folding line will disappear gradually.

How to clean and maintain the handamde carpet?
1. To remove different stains such as coffee, juice, greasy substance, etc …. First you have to absorb the stain with a non- dyed cloth or a tissue paper. Sponging should also be done to wipe off the coloring substance.
2. Washing the most important factor to preserve carpets for a long time is to keep them clean, take good care, wash them every 2 or 3 years, and restore them when damaged.
3.The rugs should be washed in specialized rug-cleaning stores, not in dry-cleaners, because dry-cleaners ruin the silk, warp, and weft of the carpet.

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