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The longest review from customer


I put the reviews at the first carpet site as Amazon only allowed me to put the reviews there. I also put the pictures. The site tells me that it may take several days for it to appear so I am sending you a copy of my review :

It is not easy to afford and buy a silk carpet, and very hard to be brave enough to do it online. However, Yilong offers an incredible opportunity trough Amazon. I love carpets and have read very throughly to differentiate the true silk and hand made ones from others. I had heard about the Yilong name, as I was shopping for hand made carpets through different vendors; though most tend to hide out their sources, as they raise the prices beyond affordability themselves. When I found out that Amazon gives an opportunity to buy these masterpieces, I felt comfortable, as I have their customer protection, at least for a month, after the purchase. After my order, I was extremely impressed with the quality and service and fast delivery Yilong had provided. Despite the fact that my own measurements were wrong, and I had ordered too big of a carpet for my room size, Maria from Yilong, reached out to my rescue by providing two same quality carpets ( adding up to about the same square foot amount), after my return, which all took place within this month. I am very thankful as she was readily available almost all for my questions and helped me though her assurances.

As for the carpets, these are truly hand made, very thin, true silk ( as opposed to bamboo filament articial ones). Their designs are not exactly a copy of the old ones, but rather taking the similar patterns developed over the centuries, but adding their own original versions, which make them very unique. Each one of these carpets require incredible dedication, taking months and years of hard work and patience. When the materials are indeed natural dyes and true silk, they turn into masterpieces of durable art and almost a testimony to the human capabilities. Looking at these, raises my admiration to our kind’s creativity and raise my emotions to the highest level as any special art piece is expected to do.

Congratulations Yilong carpets, you have given the time, and did not sacrifice from honest work and materials; you have created a collection of priceless masterpieces. Eliminating middle man through Amazon, saves your customers plenty and I sure hope that my reviews will help those few, who still hesitate whether or not these special creations are genuine! They indeed are, I don’t think any one of them will be disappointed. Thank you Maria for your assurances, they were all true. My only wish that somehow, may be the smaller Yilong carpets, become part of Amazon Prime and decorate many households in U.S.

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