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Yilong Silk Persian Rug California Warehouse Newly Opened!


Tired to travel to Istanbul Turkey, Iran or China to find a Hand-made silk rug? California is your next stop to find the handmade silk rug.

Over 150 years’ experience on the oriental handmade silk rug, YILONG has earned the reputation as one of the biggest handmade oriental silk rug manufactory. It is our goal to closely service our customers and potential customers in USA and Canada, our first showroom and warehouse in Northern America opened in California! The California showroom and warehouse displays and stocks 2,000 pcs Hand Made Silk Persian Rug, the total inventory of silk rugs more than 120,000 sq.ft.

Welcome Oriental rug shop owners, dealers, interior designers and truck rug sellers to do business with us.

Please contact our following staff for detailed information:
America: [email protected] (Ken)
+1 (626) 373-7327 (Ken)
Asia Factory: [email protected] (Han)

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