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SKU:Q01 - Yilong's most popular design of handmade silk carpet in 2017


YILONG owns a professional designing team for handmade silk carpet. Every year, YILONG will push above 100 new designs to market. It seems that the most popular design of this year should be SKU Q01. We have sold this design total 6 pieces to Australia, Dubai and the United States till this month. This design Q01 has an amazing medallion in the center. The ground color is vivid deep blue and it meets the nice ivory border. The whole rug is very luxury.

Commodity: 100% hand knotted silk carpet
SKU: Q01
Size: 9ft x 12ft
Density: 470 kpsi
Material: 100% silk
Producing time: 12 months
Producer: Yilong Carpet Factory

The original price of this rug is usd25,920. Now, our promotion price is just usd12,960. We supply free shipping worldwide. If you love this rug and want to put it in your home, please call/WhatsApp +86 136 0398 9028, email: [email protected]

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