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Weekly News and Weekly Promotion - Follow Up after New York International Oriental Rug Show


Yilong Silk Rug USA would like showing our appreciated in your visiting and interesting in our Hand Made Silk Rug during the famous New York International Carpet Show.

The weekly promotion item: 10 x 14 handmade silk rugs as the following photo. Please email or call us for details on this weekly promotion.

If you would like to look into all of our California inventory, just click on the google link to access the gallery.


Over 150 years experience on the oriental handmade silk rug, Yilong has earned the reputation as one of the biggest handmade oriental silk rug manufactory. It is our goal to closely service our customers and potential customers in USA and Canada, our first showroom and warehouse in Northern America established in California USA early 2016. The California showroom and warehouse displays and stocks 2,000 pcs of all Hand Made Silk Oriental Rug for our/your customer, the total rugs in our inventory is over 100,000 sqft all silk rug.

                                                                                                                                             (Reported By Ken)

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