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One piece handmade Chinese wool rug is sent to US


On Jan. 11th, 2019, we sent 1 piece of our art deco series Chinese wool rug to our American customer. This is the second Chinese wool rug of art deco series sold out from my Amazon shop.

It measures as 6 by 9 feet. The edges of the rug are adorned with folded flowers, two beautiful butterflies flying at two diagonals, meaning the double stack of Fushou. And the other two diagonals are painted with bottles of peony, which means rich and safe, with Ganoderma lucidum and wishfulness under the bottle, representing good luck. The whole pattern of the flowers is very elegant, just like you can smell the fragrance, meaning all the goodness and luck of the world.

If you like our handmade rugs, please feel free to contact us now, we will try our best to help find the perfect pieces!

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