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On June 10th,2019, we sent 1 piece small handmade silk rug to USA.


On June 10th,2019, we sent 1 piece small handmade silk rug to USA.
This is our custom carpet pattern more than 20 years ago. At that time, we asked the weaver to hand knotted one more piece. It is also the only one that exists. It is a map of a country as a patterned woven carpet. Was bought by an American of azerbaijani descent. She said that when she was a child, she moved to the United States with her parents. Now she is old. The only daughter is not around. She misses her hometown very much. When she saw the picture of our carpet, she was very excited, but at that time she didn’t have much money. So she asking us to sell it to her in installments, we also sold her at the cost price after learning about her situation. It took five remittances over three months and shipped today.

YILONG's goal and it's our happiness: all of families who deserve a handmade silk rug own its YILONG.
Quality: Series A
Size: 7ftx8.5ft(213cmx259cm)
Our available size:
2ftx3ft,2.5ftx4ft,3ftx5ft,4ftx6ft,5ftx8ft,6ftx9ft,8ftx10ft,9ftx12ft,10ftx14ft,12ftx18f t,14ftx20ft
If you need more information about our handmade Persian rug, please contact me.
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