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More than 2,000 sq.ft. c-class silk carpet sent to United States



Today, more than 2,000 square feet c-class silk carpets have been sent to United States. Yilong Carpet’s c-class silk carpet is in artificial silk material and the quality is Persian knot 225kpsi. What is the difference between our c-class artificial silk carpet and Afghanistan carpet? Yilong’s artificial silk carpet has its own features.

One is the material. It is artificial silk material. It looks very shiny and feels very soft; the second one is the design. Most are Persian designs with medallion, flowers; and the third one is the price. It is much cheaper than a real silk rug. Usually, the wholesale price is usd18/sq.ft. FOB China. If the order quantity more than 5,000sq.ft. per time, the price can be usd13-15/sq.ft. FOB China. It is still much popular in United States and Canada.

If you want cheap price Pesian design artificial silk carpet, please contact Yilong Carpet. We have large quantity of stocks for your choice.

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