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Meaningful life in Yilong Carpet


Time flies, it has been almost three months since I have worked in our company—Henan Yilong Carpet Company. In the three months, I have learned a lot from my colleagues and have a better knowledge of the carpet industry.

Before I worked at our company, I knew nothing about handmade rugs, and even didn’t realize that there are silk rugs in the world, what I know is only the machine-made carpet, but when I see the beautiful rugs and gorgeous design, I am really surprised and admired human handcrafts.

After working in company, Mr Zhang Zhenguo spared his time to teach us knowledge of our handmade rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Oriental rugs, rugs of different qualities, silk rugs, cotton rugs and different rug patterns. And the price of a rug depends on the quality. When you realize how splendid the rug is and see the gorgeous design and exquisite human crafts, you will never regret to own one.

When started at work, three of us(Deng Lingyan, Wang Zhenhui and me) formed a team of B2C, mainly doing ebay job. Yolanda Deng is our team leader, she is very responsible and kindhearted, When we have questions, we often ask her, and she always explains to us patiently.

I know Foreign E-commerce is not easy work, hard working, always thinking and learning continuously is the way to success. I will strive for the success and try my best to do the job well.

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