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16 pieces Islamic Prayer Tapestries Shipped To The Middle East


After three months’ hard work, we finished a new order again. This is an unprecedented creative order, because it’s the first time we try to make such a complicated and remarkable design. Thanks to our designers and weavers, their good cooperation make this come true. Finally, the order of 16 pieces Islamic prayer tapestries shipped to The Middle East this morning.

As you can see from the picture, the tapestry is really gorgeous and magnificent. Of course this is 100% hand knotted tapestry. Size is 7.5ft x 7.5ft, a square wall hanging tapestry for praying. The beautiful design is telling about the story of Islamic hadj, the holy pilgrimage place in Mecca. In the center of this tapestry, you can see the square black house, which is called "House of God". When praying, Muslims from all over the world would pray toward "House of God" in Mecca. In English, it's also called "Kaaba". This tapestry displays the main culture of Muslim world. Anyone who know about Islamic culture would enjoy and appreciate this tapestry much more.

Actually we make this nice islamic prayer tapestry according to Yilong Carpet customer’s design. So if you want to make a customized tapestry or carpet, please do not hesitate to contact us. Usually we make Persian designs, Turkish designs, sometimes we make this kind of religious designs, and some other scenery designs. We can make the unique tapestry and carpet only for you!

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