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How to find the customer from Egypt


Hi, this is Alice, an international sales from Yilong carpet factory. I knew carpets in 2011 when I was a college student . Joined 2011 and 2012 Qinghai International Carpet Exhibition as a volunteer, I saw many kinds of carpets from all over the world in the exhibition, like Iran carpets, Indian carpets, persian carpets, tapestry and so on. They are very beautiful and I love them very much.


Now working in Yilong carpet, which is a professional hand knotted rug manufacturer in China since 1987. And it makes top fine handmade natural silk on silk rugs, wool silk rugs, and silk rugs. I learn more about the knowledge of carpets and see more beautiful rugs in our warehouse. What’s the important I sell our top fine handmade silk carpets to all over the world.


Usually I share the pictures and information of our handmade silk rugs on Social Network Site ( SNS ) , like Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter and so on.


My first customer from Egypt is from Facebook. He commented a picture of round silk rug and we talked on whatsapp. Finally he bought two pieces of round silk rugs. The carpets were sent to him when the payment is paid. He sent some pictures to me when he got the carpets. The carpets are very suitable for the furniture in his house.


He said he liked them very much and wanted to buy some other carpets for his friends as gifts.

And then he choosed 7 pieces of handmade silk carpets for his friends. Now the carpets are on the way, I hope his friends will like them.

Our new designs “TOP-TURKEY” series
handmade carpet launched this year. Their quality is very fine. And most of the designs are unique.

I share the information and pictures about the handmade silk carpets on our Facebook , LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram every day.

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