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Henan handmade silk carpet


Persian carpet is the famous handicraft industry in Iran, and it enjoys high reputation in the world. Persian carpet is popular in the world with its excellent quality, elegant design and exquisite craft. According to research, it has at least 2500 years weaving and production history. One of its features is its dye extracted from natural plants and minerals, and the dyeing will not fading. The design comprises abstract plants, Arabic character and geometric patterns. Due to it blends in the ancient Persian civilization, and gradually evolved into a kind of art form, and it has become a kind of art treasures. Its artistic taste is mentioned in the same breath with painting and sculpture. It is of high aesthetic value and collection value.

One skilled weaver began to learn how to weave the carpet from seven or eight years old. And she can grasp the technology until marriage age. It will take about 14-18 months to finish one hand made Persian carpet. Chinese carpet especially Henan handmade silk carpet in terms of quantity and quality, has gone far beyond the Iran and India silk rug. In henan province is located in the central plains region has become the world's famous handmade silk carpet development base, annual produce 80% of the world's high quality of silk carpet, and the quality has exceeded Iran who has ever owned the title of the king of the Persian carpet world. Henan Yilong’s Carpets have great variety, unique style, with makings fastidious, tough texture, novel design, the clear pattern, fine workmanship, good quality, is popular among customers at home and abroad. The handmade Persian carpet lifetime can reach over 100 years.

Henan Yilong Carpet Company Limited can supply you various kind of handmade carpet. We have large quantities of silk carpet and wool silk blend carpet in stock. Welcome customers from all over the world come to visit us.

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