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Penny: Handmade silk carpet---Art on Fingers


I’m Penny, worker of Yilong Carpet. On 24 March, Yilong Carpet took part in 2015 Shanghai Domotex Exhibition. Handmade carpet is quite an art about furnishing. Here starts my first trip about handmade silk carpet. 

With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more people to use handmade silk carpet to decorate their houses, instead of machine-made. We take more than 3 kinds of hundreds pieces carpet to

exhibition. They are Turkey handmade silk carpet, Persian handmade silk carpet, wool and silk handmade  carpet. In three different quality: 260L handmade silk carpet, 230L handmade silk carpet, 200L handmade

silk carpet. Our carpet is hand-knotted, the highest quality carpet. It attracts many customers. They are shocked by the good color combination and design of our carpets.

Just opposite our booth, there is an Iran carpet company only sale machine-made carpets. But few people visit them. What makes the difference?

Mr. Sahardin, who bought 25 pieces 9x12ft handmade silk carpets in the exhibition, chat with us after picking. He said:” some people can’t recognize the difference between hand-made carpet and machine-made

carpet. They even think machine-made with brighter color and neater surface. In fact, machine-made is just a hundredth of hand-made.” He points a cup, “ Look at this cup. Hand-made carpet just like this cup, while

machine-made carpet is the shadow of cup.” Can you tell the difference now?

Rugs add color and pop to a room. They can change the décor from traditional to jungle fever in just a matter of minutes.

We are Yilong Carpet Factory, always try our best to support you with best quality handmade silk carpet. I am Penny, deeply attracted by handmade carpet- the art on the fingers.

Handmade silk carpet, the best choice for home decoration and art collection.


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