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Handmade persian silk carpet shopping guide


Buying handmade Persian silk carpets or silk rugs is similar to making an investment. This type of carpet is generally more expensive than other carpets. The price of a Persian silk carpet varies according to origin, design, and the manner it was made. Therefore, it is very helpful to know some facts about Persian silk carpets before finally making a purchase.
Famous and high quality Persian silk carpets are made in China, Persia, Turkey, and India. Chinese silk carpets can feature designs influenced by Buddhism and Taoism. Chinese symbols like yin, yang, and dragons are usually a part of their overall design. Persian carpets carry nature-themed designs; hence, they are more decorative and colorful. Turkish carpets, though very similar to Persian carpets, usually have a more human oriented theme. Kashmir carpets from India are characterized by a tighter and very fine weave.
Workmanship greatly contributes to the total value of a Persian silk carpet. Machine-made silk carpets are less expensive and are available in several designs. However, they are usually less durable. Hand-woven Persian silk carpets are more expensive due to the high cost of manual labor. Usually, it would take 6,480 hours for a skilled weaver to finish a 9 x 12 foot area carpet. Handmade silk carpets are custom-made which makes every design unique and original even if the pattern is repeated. These carpets tend to last longer than machine-made ones. They could even last for generations especially if they are well-maintained.
Before shopping for a Persian silk carpet, it is always good to decide your purpose for buying the carpet. Will you be mounting it as wall art or will you use it as a floor covering in your hallway? How you are going to use your carpet will determine the size that you need. Living rooms and dining rooms usually require larger area carpets than narrow hallways.
You must also take note that silk area carpets are not suitable for high traffic areas. If you are planning to get a Persian silk carpet for your hallway, you might want to get a more durable carpet such as a sisal carpet or a wool carpet. However, if you really want to have a Persian silk carpet in your hallway, make sure to shift the position of your carpet every six months or once a year to keep the piles in good form. Persian silk carpets are also prone to stains. Since Persian silk carpets are very delicate, you might want to get a trusted professional cleaner to do the cleaning for you.
If you want to have the best quality Persian silk carpets, you have to find a reputable factory. A good carpet factory has long years of experience in the carpet business, knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service, and usually doesn’t misrepresent artificial silk for real silk. If you are a first time buyer, try to consult with more experienced buyers. Try to conduct your own research as well. A lot of online stores offer artificial silk carpets with very high prices, please pay more attention to this.
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